Sunday, 1 April 2018

HLG Interview With Ore-Ofe Williams (Movie Producer And Actor)

This interview is a first hand interview anchored by Precious Deji-Omolere with  OreOfe Williams.

Precious HLG: Can we meet you sir? 

OreOfe Williams: My name is Oreofe Williams , a filmmaker, author, Youth Leader, speaker and Coach.

Precious HLG:Have you always been an actor from the beginning?

Ore-Ofe Williams: (Smiles) I'd always wanted to be an actor since I was at Ijebu Ode Grammar School, the secondary school I attended. I founded the Drama Club in school then. What inspired that was that I saw Road Safety club, Rotary Club etc. I felt we needed a platform where we could perform. So we started THE JOGS DRAMA CLUB and took plays to other secondary schools like AGGS and OLAS. We were boys only. Those schools were girls only. Don't ask me why (smiles) 

Precious HLG: Alright sir (smiles). What inspires your films? 

Ore-Ofe Williams: Inspirations that come to us can be divine or environmental. Someone said 'there are songs you write and there are songs you recieve.' All of our films are divinely sourced.

Precious HLG: You make use of Nollywood actors in your movies, what birthed that sir? 

Ore-Ofe Williams: We shoot films and for every film we are asked what to do. We are not sent to a sect. We are sent to all.

Precious HLG: What should we fans be expecting from Ore-Ofe Williams this 2018?

Ore-Ofe Williams: Greater works by God's grace. There are so many things to do but I know God will help us to take the steps one by one.

Precious HLG: How can Nigerian youths impact their generation through acting? 

Ore-Ofe Williams: Acting is not the only medium of impact. I believe the  youth should make impacts with their talents. The advent of modern technology can also be used as advantage to reach out for impacts. Your talent is not given to you for the sake of you alone. It is for the sake of your world.

Precious HLG: Can anybody act? 

Ore-Ofe Williams: The answer will come with a question: 'Can everybody sing?' Yes. But there are people trained to become professionals in singing. Can everybody dance? Yes. But there are people trained for professional dancing. Can everybody be hospitable? Yes. But there are people trained to go into the hospitality business. Did you you just get my answer? Can everybody act? We are all actors on the field of life but there people trained to act in plays and films.

Precious HLG: What has been your challenges in the industry? 

Ore-Ofe Williams: Big question o. The reason is I don't really give much to challenges. Challenges always come and go. They are temporary. As I say always 'no challenge is permanent except the names given to areas in some cities.'

Precious HLG: Thanks for granting us this interview sir. 

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