Tuesday, 20 February 2018

The Simple Solution To Being In Charge Of Your Emotions

When there is fluctuation in the mind, there seems to be frustration in the physiology of a man (human).

There is a saying that, "frustration begets anger and anger begets aggression." Life is full of frustration and it is when one realises this fact that one would be able to manage it. 

Sometimes, it feels like your effort and action are not yielding the expected result of your hard work, whereby causing you to be frustrated.

 It may surprise you to know that frustration is not necessarily bad only if you can make the best out of it by making it a motivating machine. This is one thing you should note, frustration is an emotional thing, and I do love to tell people not to let anyone or anything turn their emotion into a switch (be in charge).

Three steps to being a manager of  your frustration.

  • Renew your mind with the word of truth
  • Relax and never be in haste
  • Recognise every reason to all actions

NB: Remember, noting means anything except the meaning you give to it.  

           HLG WRITER

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  1. Awesome. We all we face the temptation to throw in the towel.
    "But We will never be tempted beyond what you can bear. But God is faithful he'll provide a way out so you can stand up over it…"