Wednesday, 7 February 2018




I informed Debby I was going out and I dashed out soon enough. I couldn’t wait to call mom’s driver, I resolved to taking a taxi in front of the house. While I stood, scouting around for a taxi, Mrs Ibrahim’s car pulled over before me, I greeted and looked away.

“Is your mummy now back?” She said as she tried to loosen the sit belt across her chest.

I acted deaf and walked a bit forward to control myself, I must not talk or I’d be rude.

“Joy, did you copy that?”   
 “No ma, I didn’t!” I yelled back as I motioned to a taxi that was on motion from the other side of the road. Without having to tell the man where I was heading to nor negotiate, I opened the back door and entered, while Mrs Ibrahim watched in bewilderment, we zoomed off. I greeted the two men seated at the back with me.

“Where u dey go?” The driver asked.


“I no dey go poly side, you for tell me before you enter.” The man said as he decelerated. I was pissed off, opened the door and irately jammed the door.

“U dey craze,” the driver cursed.

I called mom’s driver, Adamu. He was a very poor man when it comes to handling phone, his loyalty and time-consciousness was the only reason why he was still retained as one of our workers. If there be any emergency case, Adamu becomes the wrong person to call because he will never pick. His wife had said he keeps his phone on the roof top when he is home because of burglars that robs their vicinity virtually every day. He had lost three phones to burglars, we advised he should not use phone at all. One can be lucky to reach him if he is not home.

I detest bike, I couldn’t go for bike. I patiently waited for another available taxi, I boarded one and I soon entered dad’s office.

“Hey joy, it’s been a while. How are you?” Dad’s secretary said.

“I’m fine ma, how is work?

“Fine dear, wait! You can’t go in now, he is busy in a meeting.” She said.

“Till when then?”

“Three hours or so, just come back or call him,” she said and I became suspicious. It was not my first time coming and not the first time she said something of such, but her composure wavered.

“If it’s a general meeting, you should be there.” I said as I quietly sat on the chair before her.

“It’s a meeting with some clients.”

“And will last for three hours?” I asked.

“Yes.” She affirmed.

“Well, I will be here waiting, because this is very urgent.”

“I think you shouldn’t.”

“And why?”

She sniffed and adjusting her polo at every second interval. I stood up immediately and grabbed the door handle to force open, but it was locked.

“What are you doing? He is in a meeting, this is an official environment, you should go home and do that,” she said and I smiled. I knocked the door repeatedly until he finally opened.

“I’m so sorry sir, I told her you were busy,” the secretary said.

“It’s Ok, go back to work.” Dad said to her and he looked at me bitterly, I have never seen the expression before on dad’s face. I looked around the office and I saw no client.

“What do you want that can’t wait till I get back home?” Dad asked while I walked around his office like an hunter in search of an antelope. I spontaneously opened the rest room and I was shocked with the object that appeared before me.

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