Saturday, 10 February 2018


All organisms need intake to survive, for human being, it is food and water. When we go without food for days, we understand by experience the work food does in the body. To eat is easier, most fun thing to do, gives you energy and you soon jack up. Cooking it becomes a tug of war especially when you are tired and had a busy day. 

You start looking at soaking garri and sleep , yet you know you won't derive all the joy needed from it. Stressless cooking gives partial satisfaction or total unsatisfaction. The stress might not be of your own sweat, it doesn't even matter. 

Once you decide in your heart to get off that bed or creaking chair which can be attained through you envisaging the final result: the rice and fried plantain or something better. Taking the first step is the hardest. Once you resolve to starting it and you jump up to do it, every other thing will fall in place easily in no time and you are done. 

See what joy that fills your heart eating the product of your hand or eating something good prepared by someone. 

A lazy man should not eat is what they say. You are not lazy, you are not eating, you are missing. It is not all bad to get a plate of nice meal from the restaurant, should it be always? No! You are not sure of the water used to prepare the very seemingly yummy food, the personal hygiene of the cook and more. You spend less cooking your own meal, and you are satisfied whether it is yummy or not yummy. Cooking is sure another means of exercising, go get the kitchen.


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