Wednesday, 10 January 2018




I couldn't hear a thing again. For the first time, I appreciated Network Providers for network failure, this gave me the chance of holding all the aces in this saga, or should I rather say I was given an escape to disrobe myself off a tattered suit of lies. I told myself I would bring my integrity back to heel. 'je ne vais pas mentir (I am not going to lie)' I said. 

My phone rang again when I had not decided on what to say, I knew the best-laid plans of mice and men would not save me from this soup. I silently prayed I don't ruin the whole stuff. I picked when it rang the second time. 

"What's wrong na, why ain't you picking? Well, tell mom when she gets back that my phone and Cynthia's phone was stolen yesternite in class with our bag and everything."

"Are you serious? Hope there was no other vital stuffs in your bag sha?"

"Not really, just one text book, two phones and three thousand naira. You can reach me through that my neighbour, till I get another phone next week. I already told dad and he has sent the money. Trust me, I'm getting a better phone, a very dope Mega-Pixel...(laughs)."

"Are you sure your phone was stolen or you gave it out, just go and get a camera in Lagos instead of buying a new phone, your own is Mega Pixel all the time." I said and we both laughed. 

"Whose phone are you using?"

"I just inserted my Sim into a random phone. I've got to go now, Cynthia sends her greetings too."

"OK, Au revoir."

"Shut up." Alex snapped.

I was more than glad that I decided unwittingly to wear my best bib and tucker to church on Sunday for a perfect escape like this one. On the other side, what's there to celebrate when I don't even know where mom is. I freshened up and left for Mrs. Ibrahim's house. 

She is our neighbour, but herself and mom had a misunderstanding some weeks back and they never spoke since then. I never intended to go but considering their closeness in time past, I knew they would reconcile, not after I tell her about the ongoing saga.

Mrs. Ibrahim is a single mother, easy-going and a very nice woman, I didn't know the reason behind their misunderstanding, but I know it won't take time before the dog jump at the beckon of the bone. 

I got to the door and knocked softly for a few times. I increased the pitch at which I knocked so she could hear, if she were to be in the bathroom or sleeping, but I got no response. I thought she must be home because I could hear the sound of her fan faintly, could she have seen me from afar and decided not to open? I asked myself.

I could have simply opened the door but I didn't want to be too forward. I turned my back against the door in utmost disappointment and was ready to leave. That was when I saw a woman alighted from a taxi with a little girl, the girl looks like Mary, Mrs. Ibrahim's only daughter. But the woman was not Mrs Ibrahim. Just in that scene, I saw Mrs Ibrahim coming from the opposite side of where the taxi pulled-over, she held a black nylon, and from what I saw, she looked so sick. She must have asked one of Mary's teacher to bring Mary home. 

She greeted the woman warmly and reached for some cash from her trousers to give the young woman. The woman boarded the taxi back and they zoomed off. I quickly ran towards Mrs. Ibrahim when she saw me from afar to get the nylon she held.

"Good afternoon ma." I greeted her.

"Afternoon, what are you doing here?" She asked sharply and turned her hand away, she wouldn't let me help her with the nylon.

"I'm sorry ma, nothing really, it's about my mom-"

"If it's about your mom, I am not interested." She cuts in.


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