Wednesday, 31 January 2018



All the same, I thought about reasoning with him. He must have had a long day, trying to save the family and reaching mom. Looking at the love we shared in the family, this must be a trauma to him.
I couldn’t sleep, I started developing headache, and was running temperature. I stood up from the bed to the standing mirror just to see my eyes as red as fire. I knew it must be by dint of my restlessness, I was fortunate to get some sleep early enough.

I woke in the morning by the knock of our house help asking me what I would like to eat. While my eyes flickered on the succulent foam whose bed sheet had been displaced off the other side of the bed, I was quickened by the sound of the car engine outside, I rushed out of the room, with my pajamas and my cover cloth hanging somewhere around me, sweeping the floor as I ran.

Alas! Dad was gone again. If he would go, he should have at least dropped mom’s number. I wobbled in like a zombie in thirst for blood.

“Aunty, your phone dey ring o,” Debby said raising the phone up, I was indifferent about it, I took my face away.

“Na your sister o,” she added.

“Hi sis,” I said, trying to hide the sorrow behind my voice.

“What’s up, have you checked your admission status?” Alex asked.

“I’ve not, I will do that right away,” I said and coughed.

“Are you Ok? What of mom and dad, and mom hasn’t called me yet.”

When Alex said this, I was ready to let the cat outta the bag without hesitation or even a change of mind.

“Alex, mom has been missing since yesterday,” that came from no where, I could have said it better, after all, she was not missing, she traveled.

“Pardon?” Alex said in a tender tone.

“I mean she traveled without informing us. Not to worry, I will see dad and get her new contact.”

“Joy, you don’t sound convincing, I will be home tomorrow,” Alex said.

“It’s your exam period, you don’t have to, everything is under control.” I said.

“I have a paper this afternoon, the next one is Monday. Bye.”

I didn’t regret telling her, she is my elder sis after all, and nothing was under control, the fire was becoming uncontrollable for the fire-fighters.

“Aunty, what happened to madam?” Debby asked, I wasn’t ready for story narration, I shunned her.

I got prepared to see dad at work.

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