Wednesday, 3 January 2018



I know my mom can be full of surprises, positive ones though, but I never saw this coming. If my family would rise from the dust, dust off the rubbish, pick up and bounce again, I didn’t know.

“Can you talk to your mom to please come back home?” Dad asked.

To me, it was like an appeal, I could see little formation of tears in dad’s eyes, I planned crying too but who will eventually console who?

“Oui papa.” To mean ‘Yes dad.’ He understood, for I always sing it to his hears every time he asked me to do anything.

“Please don’t tell your sisters about this, it’s their exam period. I don’t want anything to affect them. Will you promise me that?”

“Oui papa, I promise.”

Dad left my room to his room and after about thirty minutes, he left for work. I couldn’t start to wallow in a fickle cataclysm, why kill myself before my time. Mom is capable of changing her mind. This was my mission, to save my family. I picked my phone, only to see the progression of seconds counting. That was when I remembered I was recording my future in words before dad came in. Stone has been mixed with a well picked beans, I had not even started the race of pursuing my dreams and I’m already faced with obstacles. I saved the recording all the same.

I called mom’s number for the umpteenth time, it was just ringing and then it got to a point I couldn’t get through to her again. I became more worried. I know my mom, she will never ever ignore my calls, I know the level of love we shared and from experience, she will not stop loving me. I chilled out with the thought and lay on the bed again. I woke up so abruptly as if someone tapped me by the arm to wake up and prepare for a Sunday service, that was my mom’s job every blessed Sunday morning.

My hand reached for my phone hoping to see at least fifty missed calls from no one other than mom, Alas! I saw two missed calls from my sister, Alex. I called her immediately before I start thinking of mom.

“Hello Alex, I was sleeping when you called.”

“Joy, it’s OK. I’ve been trying mom’s number since morning. I mean around 08:00AM. She has not been picking up. Where is she?”

I was practically perplexed as to what to say, a simple mistake will ruin the whole thing. I shouldn’t lie, but I just have to cover up to save the family. I turned myself to an overnight saviour.

“Oh that, she left her phone in the house.” I replied.

“Oh! Why didn’t you call back. Didn’t you hear the ring tone?”

‘Dommage’ (too bad). That was the point I realised I was nothing close to being good at telling lies. Something just told me I should have told her I had been calling her too and spice it up with ‘may be she is busy.’ That was not a lie, now that I’ve miscalculated, I needed another well contrived lie for a balance.


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