Monday, 8 January 2018

A Poem By Otolorin Olajide

Life is waiting for you to blossom, you cannot be mute and make wave. 

As they say, ‘self-confidence leads to self-esteem.' You’ve got to be who you really are. 

You have it in you. The universe doesn’t care whether you are a man or a woman but, 

It is a perfect harmony,

When the Mind, Spirit and Body are in great symphony.

Though life is full of cacophony,

 that doesn’t rule out the great gift we inherited from our progeny. 

 And sometimes, it seems like the om-ni(universe),

can not deal with a person's mutiny,

 Whereby causing a man with no penny to feel like a punny.
 Make every minute count.



  1. It's a wonderful piece keep it real & up brother... I see you floating above the sky.