Sunday, 31 December 2017

You've Done Well In Planning For 2018, But Hear This. By Precious Deji-Omolere

Seconds after seconds, minutes upon minutes, until I ended up expending about thirty-one million, five hundred and thirty-six thousand seconds, oh my! is this real? If it were money, I'm as good as a  millionaire. Of a truth, time itself is money. The sensation that new year incorporate overwhelms majority, good wishes and glee flows around every corner, and every individual exult with their loved ones, since seeing a new year is far from being a joke. 

A new day is as important as a new year. We didn’t cross any bridge before entering the new year, neither did we jump above a sea with our friends and family. A new year is as normal as a new day, it is like a sequel of a novel, one after the other. Just like tomorrow is a continuation of yesterday. The same rain that fell in the previous years won’t change its course this coming year, twenty-four hours will not dwindle as the year goes by.

Many things we write as touching new year resolution can be very cute and mind-boggling, like one of your favourite 2017 movies, as we are in a state of ecstasy to quickly put down those new list of testaments and rules. It can also be exciting since that’s what most people always do as new year approaches. 

New year resolutions can be cumbersome and weighty enough to break a developing neck. It can be very bulky that you just realise  little or nothing is achieved at the end of the year. At times, we only carry the memory of the new goals in our head rather than the heart. You really don’t have to wait for new year before you resolve to being a better person, do you? Everyday counts, days will soon turn weeks, weeks to months and months into another year. Have you heard someone say in April "Oh, this business is not moving, I've got plans next year." What happened to having a new plan the following day? 

New year resolution is good if you make a singular decision to daily resolve to becoming a better person, then you can put down every aspects of your life that you want to improve on, or the projects you want to execute. When you opt for daily resolutions, rather than yearly resolutions, you become productive and you will be happy to discover how your life turns out to be. Only make new year resolution once you’re ready to break it down to a daily commitment. 

People can feel so concerned and responsible over your life that they don't want you to run the new year the same way you did in the passing year or past years. And that is why you need a daily commitment to whatever you are into.

It could be a very busy year for you, always screw it in that busy schedule no matter what. New Year plans ain't bad, they are very good. Just saying, when all your plans crumbles, don't wait for another week, month or worst still another year. Optimise a new day and re-strategise.

Jim Rohn in one of his seminars said “Nothing will change unless you’re changed." Be grateful for this new year but if you continue in your old way, there is nothing new in the year, but it’s a new year indeed when you become new in all your ways. Do not leave the God-factor behind, you've got no power of your own. 

Wish you a fabulous 2018.


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