Sunday, 3 December 2017

The Negative You (Potential/Dwarf Repeller)

  • Awkward Attitude which includes laziness, negative mindedness, frivolity, indecisive, inconsistency.
  • Laziness is not the lack of unwillingness to work, it is a negative attitude that makes you sit down, look, waste time, without doing what you have to do. It is this laziness, that if you permit, will not allow you to know how much your wings can spread. It contains your potentials in a cup, not permitting it to be poured, who knows how far it can spread if it spills. Laziness is a self-inflicted disease that should be jettisoned from your life. 
  • Negative Mindedness, this is an idea suggested by the repelling force which of cause, could be laziness that shies you away from taking responsibility of your child (child here means your dream, vision, ambition). Negative mindedness will lower the standard of goal setting. It will also lower the pace of dream-chasing. The other propeller of such mingy mindedness is discouragement, met with the fear of the possibility of success.

Really, you have control over all these, just that some people, often ignorantly chose to be enemies, even the worst enemy to themselves by subscribing for these lackadaisical, levity-handed, frivolous, care-free, imitating and limiting lifestyle. Abiding by fate in hopelessness. No trying hard or even trying at all. How can one expect to win without trying? 

  • Aimless Aptitude: this is what is capable of under-puzzling one's future or even turn it upside-down. The things they got involved in will either spell their future confusingly like 'eufrtu' or backward like 'erutuf'. 

Check, an uncommon man today was also born as a common man but what makes him uncommon are his uncommon attitude and character to life, and the things he got involved in (aptitude). Aimless, non-profitable venture or enterprise is a result of unwillingness to take risk, sacrifice for what you want and then eventually settle for less. 
Note:  If you cannot sacrifice for what you want, you will have to sacrifice what you want for what you don't want. - that's the work of the potential, dwarf repeller that repels it's subscriber from success. But then, remember that it's what you chose, otherwise, you won't be your own worst enemy.

  • Pace-less Altitude: Very well, the negative you would make you slow, sluggard, shattered, battered, scattered and then slaughtered. Pace-less altitude does not kill at ones, it kills little by little, compounding failure with frustration. That time that a child will be so annoyed to ask his father, "but dad, what were you doing when others of your mate were making it?"

Now, you are left with two choices, and, you have your choice to make.  Whatsoever it be is the product of what you choose.

Don't be your own enemy. You can't afford to live a life full of regrets; and the earlier the better to know what's good for you.

I will like to introduce you back to your creator who knows everything about you and your future. In fact, He has always been to tomorrow before it comes, so, He knows the right path that you can take in order not to be your own enemy. I'm sure He has the plan and the blueprint of your life in His hands. Don't just worry, surrender all to Him, because that's all it takes; also abstain from anything that will tarnish or defile you such as immorality, insincerity to self and the community- in other word, sin not, and God will help you through it all.


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