Wednesday, 13 December 2017



Dieu merci (thank God) for how I grew up to have a high self-esteem and such perfect beauty. Before anyone has to tell me how beautiful I am, I tell myself everyday ‘Je suis terriblement et merveilleusement fait’ (I am fearfully and wonderfully made). With my ability, I humbly say I will gain admission into the university in no time and all my desires will transpire.

I was in my room one Friday afternoon, I mulled over how I want my future to be. A bright coloured future with petals and first-rate fragrance. I saw a big living room plastered with gold, a ceiling of breath-taking designs of inventive silhouette. A curtain whose fabrics were shipped from China...this and many other thoughts clouded my mind. Ironically as the thoughts were, the single word to describe a future that I dream is ‘Parfait’ (Perfect). With my family’s wealth, I am close to achieving success soon enough if money were to stop me. Well, it can’t.

I heard a soft knock on the door and wondered who that could be. Mum and dad were off to work, our house help travelled down to see her mother and my siblings were in school. Before I stood up from where I lay, I saw dad looking doleful, with this pale face. I reversed to my bed like I was doing a backward step in acrobatics. “Joie.” Dad said subtly.

I doubted my ears, because I must have heard the wrong thing. Did he just call me that? I raised a bemused mien which he understood so well. He said it again but a bit louder, I laughed.

“Dad, really? How did you know that?”

“I can always find my way, you know,” he said and moved towards my bed side to sit.  To leave that behind like a gone yesterday, why is dad here? His shadow can’t be spotted fifty miles away from the door between 08:00AM and 07:00PM every week days. It has never happened. Why does he look fagged out at twelve noon and his eyes imbued with worry like a rat trapped in a noose. I decided to keep mute since he is here to say something, but what he wanted to say I had no idea.

“Joy, I know you have a strong will, and I am happy that you’d do fine in life with that quality.” Mon pere said and smiled, he loosened his neck tie a bit and swallowed hard.

“Dad, what’s the matter?” I became worried and drew closer to him.

“It’s your mom.”

“Mom, what happened to her, is she fine, where is she...?” I rained down questions like it were a cloudburst as my dry skin began to form sweats from my forehead and my palm became cold, this happens when I’m nervous, afraid, sick or worried.

“Your mom is fine.” Dad said, his word was like a downpour of cold water on my sweltering soul, so I heaved a sigh of relief.

“So what—“ I said and dad cuts in.

“Your mom spent ten thousand dollars in one week and the company is at the verge of crumbling—”

“What? But how?”

“As if that’s not enough, I called her and then she said she’s in Dubai and we’d talk when she gets back next month.”

I needed someone to tell me that I’m dreaming and just a flash of an halogen bulb will quicken me back to corporeal existence.

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  1. May God continues to be with you and help to finish this story.nice one