Sunday, 31 December 2017

You've Done Well In Planning For 2018, But Hear This. By Precious Deji-Omolere

Seconds after seconds, minutes upon minutes, until I ended up expending about thirty-one million, five hundred and thirty-six thousand seconds, oh my! is this real? If it were money, I'm as good as a  millionaire. Of a truth, time itself is money. The sensation that new year incorporate overwhelms majority, good wishes and glee flows around every corner, and every individual exult with their loved ones, since seeing a new year is far from being a joke. 

A new day is as important as a new year. We didn’t cross any bridge before entering the new year, neither did we jump above a sea with our friends and family. A new year is as normal as a new day, it is like a sequel of a novel, one after the other. Just like tomorrow is a continuation of yesterday. The same rain that fell in the previous years won’t change its course this coming year, twenty-four hours will not dwindle as the year goes by.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017



Dieu merci (thank God) for how I grew up to have a high self-esteem and such perfect beauty. Before anyone has to tell me how beautiful I am, I tell myself everyday ‘Je suis terriblement et merveilleusement fait’ (I am fearfully and wonderfully made). With my ability, I humbly say I will gain admission into the university in no time and all my desires will transpire.

I was in my room one Friday afternoon, I mulled over how I want my future to be. A bright coloured future with petals and first-rate fragrance. I saw a big living room plastered with gold, a ceiling of breath-taking designs of inventive silhouette. A curtain whose fabrics were shipped from China...this and many other thoughts clouded my mind. Ironically as the thoughts were, the single word to describe a future that I dream is ‘Parfait’ (Perfect). With my family’s wealth, I am close to achieving success soon enough if money were to stop me. Well, it can’t.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017



I am at the  shore, feeding my senses with the breeze that encapsulates a forceful weight of cold, shock, heat and inmost mayhem. I am feeling like the breeze had teleported me to the space, for I can no longer feel my legs, my hair, even my heart. But, I have never been to the space before, I just know I had lost all my sense of stimuli, the only thing I can feel is hurt. I am moving towards the sea, if only the sea can drown my tears without taking me away, or if it could wash away my hurt and I still live to breath, how glad and what fortuitousness would I record again like I’m just coming anew to the world. Just that ‘L’acte est fait’, to mean “the deed is done.”

Sunday, 3 December 2017

The Negative You (Potential/Dwarf Repeller)

  • Awkward Attitude which includes laziness, negative mindedness, frivolity, indecisive, inconsistency.
  • Laziness is not the lack of unwillingness to work, it is a negative attitude that makes you sit down, look, waste time, without doing what you have to do. It is this laziness, that if you permit, will not allow you to know how much your wings can spread. It contains your potentials in a cup, not permitting it to be poured, who knows how far it can spread if it spills. Laziness is a self-inflicted disease that should be jettisoned from your life.