Tuesday, 21 November 2017

You're Your Worst Enemy 1

Many a times, people often complain about where they are, what they have, how they are and who they are. It is not a sin to make complaints but that is only when you understand what your complaint is. Before you make any complaint or accept fate, take a sensor of the kinds of enemy you have around you, examine their effect on you, you would realize they have no effect on you as huge as that of the greatest enemy.
This greatest enemy is you- yourself!


Everyone has the strength to live a fulfilled and meaningful life without limitation. But, there is often contention within an individual at the point of deciding for what you want or desire. I call this a war; and it is a war between YOU and YOU.

Inside of every human being is the presence of two invincible but influential personalities of equal resemblance. Meaning that inside of you lies two other personalities that resembles you.

One is a positive you while the other is a negative you.

The ability of the positive you is so kinetic that it propels your attitude into a productive aptitude that will catapult you into a higher altitude. About the negative you, it is a force, potentially, that repels your attitude from productive aptitude which is capable of relegating you into a retrogressive altitude. Now that you know the difference, you also need to know how it functions- 

"It is a 'YOU' that lives in 'YOU' and functions in 'YOU' by 'YOU'.

Simplified, it means, activating either the positive or the negative you into function that controls you is a matter of your decision.

What God gave to human, as a creature is CHOICE which was not given to other creatures. This choice is what makes or mar our destiny. At first, we control it, then at the latter it controls us.

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