Monday, 23 October 2017

Walking And Working Alone Can't Guarantee Eminent Success

Executing a task alone is a great idea but might not definitely be the best of ideas. We would always need people to watch our backs. There is a need for people to watch with you. You cannot always do it alone. 

People don't necessarily go far as lone rangers. It is almost impossible to fight through life when you decide you can do it all by yourself without the assistance of any. What then is needful if we must successfully watch with another and gain continuous victory? There must be a mutual understanding from the both parties which arises from their unique trainings.

Our training must not necessarily be the same if we are to watch together but our knowledge about our assignment must be. This is where we find the balance for our commitment. This knowledge helps us differentiate between the place we both have to advance and the times one would need to be behind. Many have failed in their watching role because of a few things. 


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