Monday, 2 October 2017

The Nigeria Of My Dream

Almost everyone wants to travel out of Nigeria and set a permanent castle in the US or anything abroad. Abroad is as simple as Benin Republic, some don't mind though. Nigeria isn't in the best state, yes! Nigeria has lots of problems, yes! Nigeria is far from having an iota of a striking resemblance to the Nigeria on your head, yes! 

You could liken the now Nigeria to a man whose immune system have been attacked and prevailed against. Foreign invaders can finally have a dwelling place. You're not wrong if you say Nigeria is in soup. 

I celebrated the remaining pieces left of my country and someone was furious at the idea. We can be furious from now till tomorrow, we only can't change the fact that we are Nigerians. God should help you and you become the president of the US, we won't forget the fact that your nationality is a permanent seal - Nigeria. 

I'm not less concerned about the Nigeria I see everyday. I am not happy about the state of affairs. I'm not excited about the economy and terrorist attacks. So what do I do? Tongue-lash the poor country? Well, Nigeria is not a piece of candy nylon squeezed and disposed in a bin. I am the Nigeria, you are the Nigeria. 

Enough of gossiping about Nigeria. For centuries now, gossiping has not proved to be a potent tool that could mend a broken heart. Complaining at the pace of every seconds would not do anything. 

If we still desire to see a global change, a lasting change, it starts from you and I. You've just planted maize, and you wake up tomorrow morning with a sight of your maize already grown and matured, you'll soon find out you were dreaming. Nigeria would not suddenly rise! We ought to have rose beyond this level, considering the age, but we've not.

We've left Nigeria in the hand of the political leaders and we blame them for what they are guilty of, plus our personal headaches. It's easy to pass blame. The government is responsible for everything, we would say. Is the government as well responsible for the cockroaches in your room? 

Nigeria is what it is today because of what Nigerians are. We keep clamouring corruption, isn't there a little bit of corruptness in you too? It doesn't matter how minute. Let's add up the little individual corruptness we've got and then see what a corrupt Nigeria we've got. You have no right to correct what you've not corrected in you. 

The Nigeria of my dream is a Nigeria in a state of peace and unity. I want to see a Nigeria of prosperous equity. I could be dreaming of a paradise. I also believe we can have a glimpse of heaven on earth. If we desire it, we can have it. 

As we celebrate our 57th Independence. Let's hope for a new Nigeria if and only if we change individually. 

We want to see a Nigeria of utmost tranquillity, you and I must be responsible for that. Wherever you are, be the Nigeria you want to see, be the Nigeria you are dreaming of. Except we are not as concerned as we complain about it, except we are just busy bodies meddling around. 

A better Nigeria can't start from the top, it has got to start from beneath - where you and I  dwells. Not as a slave nor as a servant or a low-class but as an individual Nigerian. 

Pray daily for our beloved Nigeria. God bless Nigeria. 
Happy 57th.


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