Monday, 30 October 2017

Pleasing Everyone Is Downright Impossible

Kris Carr had said “You can’t please everyone. When you’re too focused on living up to other people’s standards, you aren’t spending enough time raising your own...”  Without having to bore you with quotes, let me drop this one too from Constance Wu “You’re never going to please everyone, and if you do, there is something wrong.”

Pleasing everyone is downright an impossible thing to do. You’ll be thrown in the middle of crowd, each pulling you here and there to listen to their opinion at the least. While you’re left there in the middle, you’ll soon discover they don’t really care cos they are already gone and you’re left alone to clean your own mess. 

We all are unique beings with unique point of views. If you therefore go out there with your brilliant ideas thinking the whole world will embrace it, then you are one step behind. You really can’t blame people for what they think or belief. You also have your personal sentiments. You don’t just like some things; there are things you won’t take too. Your siblings love one thing and it happens to be what you detest the most. From there you should wonder why someone who came from the same womb you also lived in for months is ironically your opposite in some ways. If that is the case, how much more people that only emerged at one point of your life.

Another reason why it’s impossible to please everyone is because, people will always talk, it doesn’t matter what you do or how you do it. They will never be satisfied. Do the good, you get their piece of mind. Now, go all the way and do the bad, the world will turn against you, not because they loathe bad ways but because they just have to talk and exercise those lips.

I’m sure you know I’m not talking about you working against the law and good morals, but rather your own way of life or opinion that you consider to be a good judgement. People sometimes may not understand you, may be you’re just too daring for them. And so they are scared and want to as well scare you out of your dreams. They might mean no harm but you know it’s harmful if your dreams are a subject to random opinions.

Apart from depleting yourself of happiness and enthusiasm when being engrossed with pleasing everyone, you will also find out that you have not totally satisfied them and they will be asking for more. All that matters is for you to have a good heart, do good things and do them right. When you get a spark of reaction from anyone for the good you believe you’ve done, check again, don’t be sentimental or full of yourself. If afterwards you discover you’re on track, dear, move on and remember you can’t please everyone.


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