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What will you do if your little cousin or son accidentally pour the pot of soup you just cooked with your last card?

What will you do if your little cousin or son accidentally pour the pot of soup you just cooked with your last card? 

This is a question that could be funny yet if you and I experience it, it will probably not be funny. Before dropping my opinion as well as what to learn from this, see what others are saying. Do join the conversation via the comment box or send through the form to your right with your name. 

 First thing first, make the child no dey my reach cos if so, i'll beat him ehn. 
Even though there's is no need crying over a spilled milk, I'll still cry. I mean serious crying.  Then after that, make both of us sit down dey pick the animal (meat or fish) inside and eat. 

And tomorrow will take care of itself. Am sure like 20minutes later I go don calm down. 

My sister it won't be funny o 'cos the money I used to cook the soup is my last card. I will be very disappointed and sad.
I won't beat him 'cos if I do, it won't bring back the poured away soup. But I won't be happy with him at all.
And as for what to eat, I won't be the only one hungry, 
we two will be hungry and I will be telling him if he hadn't pour the soup away we won't be hungry like this. And if God bless us with cassava flakes(garri) we will both drink that. It is when you don't have much that series of unwanted drama begin to happen.


Trying to beat the child might result to something else. Could be bloody, cos I'd be vexed. 

So, I'll just leave that place.


What can one do na? It's to pack the small one I can pack from the floor and use EBA to eat it from the floor (laughs) I can't beat him. It was an accident. We all make mistake, just that we will all be doing fasting till money comes.

I would smile first. Give him that terrible grin and of course cause a rant. I won't hit him. It's been tens of years I touched any of my siblings last. I would literally go sort for another way for them to eatI know the poor boy didn't do it intentionally.

Firstly, I have to recognise he or she is still a little boy or girl. I will not be happy definitely, I might scream at him or her at that point, or even give him or her a spank
But later on, I will sit the child down, and explain things to him, I will help him understand the meaning of value, and tell him how valuable the pot of soup is, and what can be done with a pot of soup, then I will apologize for spanking him or her. Then I will cuddle him or her. But I will stress the lesson on value to the child.

Since the scenerio calls for something even tears can't solve, I would rather burst into laughter.

1. I'll check whether the soup poured on him
2. I'll check if he poured the soup away due to his carelessness.
With the two points checked, if it now happened that it's right... I'll beat him ehn.

Before you give a sincere answer to this very question, you've got to imagine it and place yourself in an atmosphere of the overwhelming emotion you'd experience. For someone else, you could laugh, for another person you could scream or even cry. All the opinions are very sincere and I saw what I could have done too, beat the child, pick the  fish or meat if there be any.


Someone said this sometimes back "In everybody’s life there’s a point of no return. And in a very few cases, a point where you can’t go forward anymore. And when we reach that point, all we can do is quietly accept the fact. That’s how we survive."

That could look more like a digression, but it isn't, the soup is gone, gone for good, going forward to beat the poor child is only a way to dodge under the umbrella of anger, this is what I could have done too, but come to think of it, what if the soup poured from my own hand, what could I have done? Beat myself? Why not just accept the fact that your soup is already on a journey of no return.

If we are going to be the best we are made to be, we should be self-controlled, just a little hesitation would do. Just calm down first, or you'd injure a little child for a soup that is gone. Looking on the other side, if you eat the soup, may be you'd have purged for days (smiles).

Hey! What would you have done if you were the one? Join the conversation by using the comment box or the suggestion/submission form to your right with your name.

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