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Ten Steps To Discovering Your Potential | Akano Daniel

I have it, you have it; everyone has it. It is called POTENTIAL. This potential is an unused ability, that is, what you can do that you did not do or what you are able to do that you would often think you can't - but really, you can. This is also called the sleeping giant,  and it must be awaken in order to better you and be where you want to be. As human being, created in the image of God and having the breathe of God, there is this trait gotten from God which is the ability to be able to do whatever we desire to do and also to become what or who we want to become.

It is time to arise and wake the Sleeping Giant in you. That sleeping giant is your POTENTIAL. 

10 Steps to Discovering Your Potential. 

1. P -  Positivity! 
In discovering your potential, the very first thing is to be positive about yourself and everything. You need to renew your mind and mentality from being negative (at any instance) to being positive (at all instances). Grow the right mentality!
Never think that there is any dream too big to achieve and there is also no dream that is too small to make you big. Avoid negative words! Avoid saying anything is difficult, really, there may be some things that are difficult but don't see it that way, see it as a mountain that is surmountable. Always be positive! 

 "Even when everything seems dark, walk as if you're in the light." 

2. O - Objectivity
Since potential is an ability that is not yet used, in order to discover that ability, create objectives for yourself; set big goals that seems too big; work towards it, and see if you'll achieve it or not. 

"Running seems like a great idea until you start to run."

"You may not know you can cross a bridge until you get closer to it; taking the steps one after the other, until you really cross it over".

3. T - Task and Tenacity
Whenever a great idea drop into you, it may seem difficult to achieve, but, you must never give up. Once you sight a desire to excel, don't question it, just believe it. Task yourself with discipline, determination and focus. You need to be strong and dogged as you hang on to take the last stroke to excel.

"Winners never quit and quitters never win."

"Tough time never last, tough people do." - Robert H. Schuller

4. E - Exploitative
Everyone has a talent; a gift and the environment.
Exploit on yourself to always think of what you'll give to your environment or the world around you rather than expecting from them, working on your talent and gift to make you up with the best.

"You never can know how far you can reach until you start to spread your wings."

"Whatsoever is within your range is the best weapon to fight for your age's pace." - Kunta Kinte (A Mandiba Warrior).

5. N - Next Level Mentality
"Don't feel arrived in your going through until you get there." 

You need a next level mentality to keep you on onward pace. You have many potentials but it is a potential that you must first unlock that would be the key to unlocking the rest. After unlocking that very potential, there are still more to unlock, keep moving, never remain in a single place, you can always do better. 
Consider the life of Aliko Dangote. 

"I found out what the world needs. I went ahead to invent it." - Thomas Edison, (from working on electricity into inventing the electric bulb, in to phonograph and more). 

6. T - Test your limit.
So many a time, you don't have any limitation over anything. You are the only limitation that you set for yourself. All you have to keep doing is 'look at what you've done, tell yourself you can do better and make way always to improve on yourself.' 

"Test the limit and keep breaking through until you get to the peak. Where is the peak? It is in you!"

7. I - Information
Knowledge is not the power, the origin of power is information which enhances and empowers knowledge. Read good books, be informed about your personality and what you want to be. Lucky enough, you have so many to read. Quick, get to them in order to build the personality and prestige that you desire.

"You may be lost in your world if you fail to consider the map."
"Information is power".

8. A - Acquaintanceship
Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are. 
Show me your leader and I can tell what you will be. Move with the right people who are always in their right minds: those who have vision that really wants to become something in life. Also, move with the children of God.

"Life is a puzzle. Every piece fits together to form who we are , what we do and how we feel." - Kyle XY

"The people you meet; the places you go; the books you read; the things you acquaint yourself to watch: all these made or will make you who you are."

9. L- Landmark (not trends).
Try to always create something that is reasonably new; create what has not been, be what has not been, be one who have never been.

Steve Jobs invented his own computer, strictly with the desire to use a computer created by himself, ignoring the likes of Hp and Dell. Do you know apples computer? iPhones? They are the initiatives and tapped potentials of Steve Jobs.

"It doesn't matter if I use volks wagon, since it will still get me to where I'm going. There are computers but all I want to work with is my own computer made by me." - Steve Jobs (alongside his friend, Steve Wozniack).

Many are found of following 'trend this, trend that'; that is the reason why they can't do something new. They would wait for others to do it first, then they'll occupy the second stand.

"An uncommon man is a common man that was born commonly as every other person. What makes him uncommon are his uncommon attitude to the world around him and the things he got involved in."

"Many destinies are attached to you. When you discover your potential, you create room to make them follow you."

Lastly and in addition, be disciplined and determined. Most importantly, reference God in all you do; never sin against His will. That will 'lock' it all. 

Summarily, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and every other thing (including the discovering of your potentials) shall be added unto you." - Matthew 6:33.
Also read, Isaiah 49:15.
I used that as the summary because that is exactly the summary of the basis and the assurance of how I discovered my potential.
Make sure you discover your potentials, don't donate it to the grave!


Akano Daniel Damilare, popularly known as DG-KP Daniel is the Founder/CEO of Pen Power Motivational Imperial (PMI) and the initiator of RADIO DISCOVER. He is a writer, speaker, entrepreneur and academic, tutor and graphics designer. 

Hobbies: reading, writing, speaking, music, research and farming.

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