Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Settled | Short Story

Nancy Tom closed the door of the room behind her, resting her back on the wall as she shoved her body away from the entrance. Tears trickled down her cheek like a flowing stream. She closed her eyes hard with her head bent low causing tears to drop straight down escaping the walls of her cheek. She dropped the brown envelope which revealed a white paper by the tip. Two other ladies dressed in their office outfits with heeled shoes walked pass, constantly looking back as they gossiped. Nancy Tom picked the paper, cleaned her face with her hands and left for the exit door written boldly.

She got home with red eyes, welcomed by her elder sister who came visiting with excitement in her face as she heard her came in through the gate, her excited face gloomed away in utmost concern expressed by her countenance, seeing the red eyes which couldn’t have been as a result of the offensive gas of onions. Water dropped from her hands, as she had been in the bathroom. Nancy Tom entered, flipped her bag to where she couldn’t imagine. Her sister, Mary Tom went off to the extension box to pick her bag which has unplugged the standing fan, the TV and the chargers.

“Nancy, what is the matter?” She said, walking towards her with the bag hanging loosely on her right wrist.

“I was fired” She answered as her sister barely finished the sentence. Mary Tom smiled until her sister who expected to hear something from her noticed she was yet to speak, then saw the unexpected – she was smiling.

“I don’t like the idea of you being sacked, I would have preferred you resigned” She said and hid her face in her palms as Nancy Tom threw the pillow to call her back to her senses.

“That was not funny if you ask me” She hissed and turned her face away.

“Congratulations!” Her sister said stretching her hand to her.

Nancy said no word, she only flashed a glance and Mary withdrew her hand.

“Let’s go to Lagos, there is vacancy for an experienced chattered accountant. I risked telling my boss I’ve got a qualified person for the job ‘cos I know how much you don’t want to leave Abuja because of this job of yours, but I thought you might reconsider”

Nancy Tom on hearing this jumped off the chair, displaying unrehearsed acrobatics. Her sister watched her steps in amazement and left to turn off the running tap.

"What if I'm not interested?" she screamed for her sister to hear.

"I can see that from your dancing steps" She said loudly from the bathroom. 


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