Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Restaurant Telemundo

I walked into a restaurant to get ice cream for my little cousin and I saw this guy, his broad chest that stood still like a besieged wall was the first thing I noticed among others as I stood in front of the counter lady to pay.

 His hair was styled in a punk form with the side of his head skin-faded. Like his chest, he had a broad forehead which left superficial holes adjacent his knitted eyebrows which concentrated on a fixed direction straight ahead, this although could be taken or mistaken for a glowering look. His nose was button shaped and more breathy above an average nose breath and I was swept off my feet. 

He had a cupid's bow lips like an exaggerated feminine-shaped lips which aligned with his growing goatee. His ears stuck out a bit like an apostrophe as his chubby cheeks obstructed the holes of his ears. His sky blue shirt whose first two button were loosed left his collar flying like a child-eagle's wings. He was tall and simply charming.

He walked with a predator's unwavering attention to the counter and I got interested to know what he was up to.

'Abi ori e daru ni?' He said to the young lady at the counter, to say was her brain malfunctioning? It's more like a statement than a question. I didn't expect to hear him speak Yoruba with all his charm and charisma, but that was even the least of what happened. I decided to see how the drama will end.

The confused lady gave a cold gaze which was fixed on the angry young man.

'What is the matter?' the lady asked with all sense of humility and calmness, like she had always been in a tight corner.

'Egg roll, to me you sell for #200, for outside there, the small girl sell for #50 to a someone.' He said and the missile released was so impelling that I laughed my head off before I even noticed I was not the only spectator. Almost everyone laughed, enough to crack ribs. Except the lady at the counter who was indifferent.

The young man looked around seeing people laughed him off. He waited to hear what the lady would say, who also needed the laughs to go down or the man wouldn't hear her.

'That is the price, you can't compare it with the one being hawked out there. And please don't say such offensive word' She said and motioned to the other customers waiting to be attended to. The expression from the guy's face showed he may not understand what the lady had said, and he proved it.

'I don't know what you say, I no buy egg roll again, give me my money.' He said and another barrel of laughs landed straight down. The lady then called the security men and he was led out. I concluded the man must be new in the city and the village he came from I could imagine but the one who dressed him up so nicely I couldn't fathom.


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