Saturday, 16 September 2017

What you must know about what you eat ¦ An interview with Elizabeth

Precious HLG : Can we meet you? 

Elizabeth : My name is Egbeniyi Elizabeth Tolulope. I'm studying Botany at the University of Ibadan. I love reading novels, cooking and making new friends.

Precious HLG : How did Botapreneur  came about? 

Elizabeth : Botapreneur came up as a result of the course I study - Botany. Initially, I didn't love Botany as a course but I began to have interest in the course when I got to know more about it's numerous benefits to human. Then, I felt I needed to share the knowledge with people, so I started writing about plants and natural things and posting on my Facebook walls. 

An uncle of mine (who happened to be one of those that encouraged me to continue with the course) was happy to see me loving the course. He advised me on various things and about creating a blog. I am so much indebted to him, he is such a darling uncle, Uncle Dan (smiles). That was how Botapreneur came up initially. Since I had always loved to be an entrepreneur and my uncle also mentioned Stupreneurshi. I just felt my blog web should be "Botapreneur"

Precious HLG : Why do you love to talk about human consumption? 

Elizabeth : What we take directly or indirectly have  great impacts,  either positively or negatively on our health. In order to reduce the negative impacts and live longer, I felt it is good to talk more on what we consume. 

Precious HLG : What are the benefits of good diet in your own perspective? 

Elizabeth : Good diet promotes healthy living. Healthy living then improve high standard of living. 

Precious HLG : How can bad diet affect the family and the society? 

Elizabeth :  As much as good diet promotes healthy living, bad diet alters healthy living. And when this happens, it puts the concerned family in a state of unrest and also financial expenses. The family will spend more money to take care of effects gotten from bad diet. Moreover, it affects the society in the sense that such an affected person won't be useful for his/her society effectively. 

Precious HLG : Would you love to be a professional nutritionist? 

Elizabeth : Oh Yes, I will love to be by God's grace. I so much love anything about nutrition. I should have probably studied Food nutrition instead of Botany. 

Precious HLG : Are you a good cook? 

Elizabeth : (Smiles) Yes I am, and improving to be more better.

Precious HLG : What's your advice for everyone out there as regards what they eat? 

Elizabeth : My advice is that we should be careful of what we eat. When people start to be more conscious of what they eat, a lot of challenges that happen to human will reduce. Genesis 1:29,30 makes us understand that God has given us herb for meat. Therefore, we should go for food that are natural and reduce the chemically made food. Above all, we should always pray to God that whatever we take in work well in our body system.

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