Wednesday, 6 September 2017

My Bad | Short Story

I visited my fiancé one Saturday morning to do some catching up. I’d been as busy as a beaver, that life almost went out of me. Work could be like that some times. I left in the evening after we had a whale of a time. 

 I got home and washed the clothes I’d piled up for a week. Washed the toilet and did some other hygienic housekeeping. My mind suddenly went off to withdrawing some cash that evening and merge my rest for the night. Just for me to learn that I had left my ATM card at his place. I knew it must be on his table while I was ruffling through my bag to show him my new ID card as I was promoted. It was turning out to be real that my ID card was missing in my bag. So I emptied the bag, then I found out that it managed to hide itself beneath the torn lining of the bag.

I must withdraw some cash for my transport fare and upkeep for the new week. I got so exasperated having to go back to his house as I was as weak as a kitten, and he was to travel the following day. The best-laid plan of mice and men was for me to leave already. I picked my phone in the bag to call him and saw he had already called three times, it didn’t ring out for me to hear, and I literally buried it in the bag. So I called back and he confirmed it was with him.

I dressed up in two shakes of a lamb's tail before it got too late, stopped a bike after waiting for fifteen minutes, God knew where they all disappeared to. I alighted from the bike and I assured the gentle man I’d be out in no time, he had agreed to drop me back home. I saw two men outside, talking and laughing, they didn’t look familiar to me. My mind was fixed on picking up my stuff and just go home to rest, I walked pass them and headed for my fiancé’s room. It was padlocked, and I wondered where someone I just called could be. His line didn’t go through after many attempts.

I walked out and asked the men  if they knew his where about. I knew I'd acted like a dumb bunny  to have walked pass like some ghost. I approached them and grinned like a Cheshire cat. 

“You don’t just walk in and pretend the world around you is invisible, you walked pass without any word of ‘hello’ or simple ‘hi’”

“I’m really sorry, I was in a hurry” I said shamefully, it was just too embarrassing. 

“Anyways, are you Lauren?” One of them asked. 

“Yes, Lauren” I affirmed.

“He left your ATM card with us” the man said again. 

“Oh thanks a lot, I’ve not seen you  before though, are you new here or on a visit?” I collected my card and needed to do some ‘good girl’ friendly attitude, even though the bike man was already motioning to me.

“Yes I'm new here, just packed in last week, and this is my friend”

“Oh I see, pleased to meet you sir and I’m sorry once again” I apologised and left. If there is one thing I hate, it’s been insulted especially when I deserve it. My mood swing and overwhelming emotions has always been a feet of clay in me, but since that day, it suddenly left me to the sea.


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