Monday, 18 September 2017

How I Missed My Favourite Meal | By Adisa Gbemisola

On a fateful evening, my mum and I were inside the kitchen trying to prepare dinner for the family. I was so happy to help in the kitchen that day because we wanted to prepare my favourite meal, pounded yam and vegetable soup and so that the meal would be done in time, my mum asked me to take care of the pounded yam and she would handle the vegetable soup. So we started cooking. 

I brought out the yam and while I was still cutting the yam, my brother brought my phone to me in the kitchen saying it was ringing and when I checked it, it was my bestie Temilola that was calling. I didn’t want to pick the call at first because I already cut like 12 slices of yam and my mum has warned me about cutting the yam without putting it inside water because it turns yellow. But I didn’t mind the thought; I just couldn’t wait to hear the gist Temilola has for me. 

I excused myself from the kitchen and went to receive the call in my room, my mum didn’t say anything while I left, maybe because she thought the call wouldn’t last more than 3mins which I also thought myself. I just saw myself laughing so hard on the phone that I forgot I had pounded yam to prepare. The call I thought wouldn’t last for more 3mins lasted almost half an hour and when I checked my phone and saw the call duration I was shocked and had to tell my friend I had to go even though I was enjoying the gist. I ended the call, ready to take anything my mum would say to me. 

And so I walked slowly to the kitchen, I couldn’t find the slices of yam again but saw two pots on fire. I just silently greeted my mum well-done in my dialect and she didn’t answer, I tried the second time and she said “eku aise” (meaning not doing anything). I thought she was not that angry but the moment she turned and looked at me I knew I was so done for. That was when my mum started abusing me. I thought she was going to stop soon but she abused me till she finished cooking.

When the food was ready, she stopped and called for my siblings and dished everyone’s food except mine. And when she later brought out my plate, she said even though I was busy on the phone, left the yam and didn’t want the family to eat; she would still give me food, so she dished mine. I was supposed to be happy that I still had to eat but I don’t know what pushed me to say I was not even hungry again and I walked angrily to my room. 

While in my room, I heard my dad asked my mum if I wasn’t eating and he asked my brother to call me and I came out waiting for my mum to say sorry before I carried the food, that was when my bro said he liked the soup and that he wanted more, so my mum said he should carry mine since I wasn’t hungry.

 I felt like giving my brother a serious beating because I was really hungry. I went back to my room and this time I was crying. Throughout the night I couldn’t sleep. I was just thinking and looking around, and rolling on my bed. I did count the ceilings in my room that night because I couldn’t sleep due to the hunger. More than I blamed myself for receiving my bestie’s call and neglecting my duty, I blamed myself more for expecting my mum to say sorry for what I did wrong which made me go to bed on an empty stomach. While I struggled to sleep that night, I made a resolution not to refuse food again when am being corrected.

© Adisa Gbemisola
HLG Writer

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