Monday, 11 September 2017

Discipline | By Ogbenekevwe Daniel

There is always a constant factor that is common with those ones that has been tagged with the names; Excellent, Successful, Diligent, Purposeful. And it is one important key that a Leader must surely have, the key: Discipline.
It's a word that almost goes in line with obedience but it is much more than obedience, it takes discipline to obey even if everything seems to be against that which you want to obey, it works out a sort of willingness in you to obey. It is what brings one out of his/her comfort zone, 'cos a man who always wants to be comfortable can never be disciplined.

You lose your comfort to be disciplined. This is what distinguishes a successful man from a seeming mediocre. For it takes discipline to fire in excellence in absolutely everything we find ourselves doing. And this is not just what jumps on a man like a nail to a magnet, it takes time, it takes a building.
It is really a function of the heart or mind, it is something that has created a mindset and a strong mentality in you. 'Cos it is out of the abundance of this mentality and mindset that manifests in our everyday walk in life, and from that particular mindset or mentality of discipline, we gradually form a lifestyle, not just a lifestyle but a consistent lifestyle. It takes discipline to be consistent with the feet you achieved and even aim higher.
  A disciplined man will always be someone with principles, but one who will have principles must first know what principle is. Principles are fundamental truth on which we build our life upon. So if it is not a truth, it is never a principle. Wrong principles can't build a disciplined man, right principles does.
  Being disciplined makes us available for success in everything we lay our hands upon.


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