Saturday, 2 September 2017

An interview with the CEO of AFOBS

Precious HLG : Can we meet you? 

Bishopton : My name is Afolabi Tunde Bishopton, I am an undergraduate of Lautech, studying Agricultural Economics. I love drumming, driving and marketing.

Precious HLG : What is Afobs about? 

Bishopton : Afobs is a brand which spreads the power of Optimism; to offer unique and quality custom tees at a revolutionary price with honesty and integrity to customers. It's a clothing line, involved in making customized wears or tees; t-shirts, baseball jackets, hoodies, varsity jackets, gowns, joggers, crop tops, cooperate shirts caps and so on, for  schools, companies, events, churches, and any other branding. We offer our clients quality and unique designs at affordable prices.

Precious HLG : People have different reasons for doing what they do, what motivated you into starting Afobs?

Bishopton : Well, in a nutshell I wanted to be outstanding and different, I wanted to give the best and make honesty and integrity as the foundation towards my work. And also to be a channel of blessing to the less privilege, that you can't understand for now.

Precious HLG : It's been how many months or years now since you started? 

Bishopton : Well by God's grace I started December last year. 

Precious HLG : Where do you see Afobs in ten years? 

Bishopton : By God's grace, I see Afobs in ten years time to be very famous and patronized globally because of the integrity and honesty we have built from the foundation, leading in customized wears with innovations and being outstanding among contemporaries, by international standard.

Some times fear sets in when great ideas run into our minds but one can only eliminate fear when you act. I thank God everyday that Afobs is improving and really still have a long way to go. Where we are now, I once had fear if we will reach there, but  we are there now because I acted, I have confidence that we will reach the big goal with God on our side. It's a gradual process with consistency and open to learning new things and innovations.

Precious HLG : How has the present economy been affecting the business? 

Bishopton : So far so good, everything has gone high, I mean everything, in terms of prices which has affected our cost of production, and no matter the increase, we must and still keep our high standards running which at the long run affects the prices of our finished products to be high also, but we try as much as possible to give friendly prices, which most of our customers understands, only a few disagrees. Some customers want high quality but will want to pay less, which can't pay the company, other companies may bid for the job by giving a less quality, which for us is a no go area, because our integrity stands.

Precious HLG : Do you have someone you look up to in business, and why did you choose the person? 

Bishopton : Yes I do, two of them. I have a close one and an acquaintance; the close one is Mr. Tosin Lawal aka Mhay, the CEO Nicemhay30 Company, while the acquaintance is Ralph Lauren. 

I choose them because they are  far ahead of me and I like their spirit towards their work and how they started from the scratch to where they are presently. Actually Mhay brought out the Afobs in me. I respect him so much, he is my brother and my boss.

Precious HLG : What challenges have you been facing? 

Bishopton : One of my challenges is; people want quality products but want to pay low. And I have to do what will pay the customer and importantly the company respectively too. 

Precious HLG : What's your favourite business book? 

Bishopton : Succeeding as an Entrepreneur By Harvard Business Review.

Precious HLG : What's your advice for youths? 

Bishopton : My advice to youths are these; Don't Limit yourself, many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind let you. Think big! Don't just think but act, have a personal relationship with Jesus, because all you will need is hidden in Christ. Stay focused and set your priorities right, be opened to new things, walk with people that are far ahead of you, so as to sharpen your mind. And will say it again: stick to God, it's very very important. God knows our tomorrow, I never planned Afobs but God knew and here we are. Shalom.

Yay! That's it, your dream can come true, it all depends on you. Your dream has got no wings to fly, you are the wings of it, fly and it will. I hope you got something from the interview because I did. Click the interview button up  to read the ones you missed. See you next weekend and Happy September.

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