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What Can I do? | Set your passion into motion. By Adisa Gbemisola

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The question in the heart of anyone who wants to be independent and does not like office jobs or want side jobs that can fetch money is; "Which skill can I learn or what business can I venture into?" My cousin asked me some days back about what I felt he could do and I was unable to provide the answer he needed. I felt someone else might be facing the same challenge so I worked on it, here are some skills suitable for ladies and gentlemen. 

 1. Bead making/ knitting
 2. Sport viewing centre
 3. Petty trading: it might seem like so many people are into it, but look around and see if there is something they are not selling or you think they sell but you can improve the packaging? Go for it! 
4. Phone repairs
5. Barbing / hair dressing salon 
6. Farming: YES, many people may see farming as a local work. Well they are not seeing the bigger picture. There are various farming business you can delve into; ranging from fish farming, poultry, crop production etc. These are massively rewarding, just ask those who are in it.
7. Photography
8.  Art works 
9. Food production: there are many food snacks, drinks, plantain chips, jams, fruit juices, ice creams, yoghurts etc. You can even own a bakery. 
10.  Catering services 
11.  Blogging: who can be a blogger? Anybody can. Provided you have a passion for something and you can translate it into writing. So are you a great storyteller? A comedian? A poet? Have an abiding interest in something nice? You can write about this? Try owning a blog. 
12.  Tutoring: if you are versed in a subject and love teaching, why not approach those you know needs these services. Many families are willing to spend what it takes for their children's success. 
13.  Consultancy services
14.  Rental services 
15.  Car washing
16.  Laundry services
17.  Fashion designing
18.  Sales of phones and accessories
19.  Computer repairs
 20.  Cyber cafĂ© 
 21.  Restaurants: Nigeria’s schedule is very demanding. People are always on the move. Fast food joint do wonders. Try it!
 22.  Pure water business
 23.   Soap and cream making
 24.  Daycare centres: you have a great interest in babies? People need daycare and will pay to ensure their kids are well taken care of.
 25.  Tie making 
 26.  Photocopy / computer centre
 27.  Events management / decoration. 
 28.  Clutch bags and shoe making
 29.  Web design / graphics design
 30.   Computer hardware
 31.   Networking 
 32. Every other thing that interest you...

They say ones purpose is hidden in what one has passion for. Most of the things that are listed above are things you might have heard before but what will make the difference is what am about to say.

 Go into something that you love and have passion for not just because people are doing it. The reason is, if you don’t love what you are doing, times are coming that you might be tired of it or it might be very demanding, but passion will keep you going. 

Most of the skills above are what people are doing presently, so if you really want to make a difference and stand out among the crowd, then you must bring out something different, you must be willing to sit down and check what is missing and don’t copy what other people are doing, bring your own uniqueness to the table through what you do. 

Every of these jobs/skills is about providing solutions and answers to people’s need. So before you go into it, ask yourself how it can provide solutions and satisfy people’s needs and how it can make the world a better place. Remember change begins with you and with what you do!  

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