Saturday, 26 August 2017

Virtuous Ladies, Virtuous Leaders. An interview with Oluwuyi Opeyemi

It's so great and exciting weekend to talk about Ladies, yeah! This is a virtuous lady herself. Read through the interview and be blessed, motivated and inspired. 

Precious HLG : Can we meet you? 

Oluwuyi Opeyemi : My name is Oluwuyi Opeyemi. I am a final year student at Osun state university, studying Biochemistry, I make hair, though not full time and am also a gospel music minister.

Precious HLG : Talking of the virtuous lady and things generally surrounding the girl child or the female world. In times past, the girl child or female child was denied education, it happens in some part of the world still. What do we call that?

Oluwuyi Opeyemi : Well, I will call it ignorance. An English
proverb states that when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. So it is due to ignorance because then, those people at the helm of affairs didn't know that a girl child is as equal to their male counterpart, they saw girls as kitchen workers and baby making factories, they never knew that whatever a man can do, a woman can do it better, they didn't know that except for the physical features, there is really nothing different between a boy and a girl.

Precious HLG : It is believed that men have a stronger thinking faculty compared to the ladies, is it that the ladies' makeup are fragile and the men's stronger?

Oluwuyi Opeyemi : What I will say to that is; men are only logical beings while women are emotional and that is why it seems men think straight than we do but trust me, that's part of the uniqueness of our creation. It doesn't make us weak or less intelligent.

Precious HLG : Can a lady make it in life without her success affecting her home?

Oluwuyi Opeyemi : Of course! It is very possible. Naturally, women are endowed with the gift of effective multi-tasking, we can do different things at the same time without one affecting the other but it all depends on how the lady manages her time and also the kind of husband she marries. 

Precious HLG : Can a lady control or lead a society or a country at large. For instance, Nigeria has never had a female president. Do you think a lady can be up to that task? That's one, two, what are the virtues she must posses to lead at all?

Oluwuyi Opeyemi : A lady can lead a society well. We are great leaders you know! The former president of Liberia was a woman, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf,  and she performed tremendously well, so nothing is stopping a woman from leading Nigeria too.

Virtues a potential leader must possess  includes:
1. The fear of God
2. Good human relationship
3. Determination to succeed against all odds.
4. Firmness.
5. Ability to understand and discern counsels
6. Hard work
The list is actually endless.

Precious HLG : Looking at the world today, ladies are not bracing up,  you'd see many in prostitution, unwanted pregnancy etc, what's your counsel, what is a lady supposed to be doing or standing for?

Oluwuyi Opeyemi : This is one issue that has been hurting my heart deeply. Ladies have lost their worth, everyone wants to "slay" by all means, it shouldn't be! The simple truth is that however you see yourself is the way others will treat you.

First, our orientation as ladies should be that we are jewels and should be treated as such! God's word says our body is God's dwelling place and as such we can't afford to handle it anyhow.

Set good standards for yourself as a lady, know what you want in life, choose the kind of life you want to live, set yourself apart, be focused on your goals, dress well and not shabbily, don't allow any man lure you to his bed with sweet words and material things, choose to abstain from premarital sex, it will help you. Be intentional about being the best God wants you to be.

The truth is that, those ladies that are involved in prostitution and other social vices know it is bad,  but they just can't help themselves out of their mess. This is not to condemn anyone but rather to encourage you to stop. God bless you.

Precious HLG : Hmmm. I  love this.  God bless you. For someone that is a victim, can you drop something that could help such person out of the mess.

Oluwuyi Opeyemi : For anyone that has fallen victim of these Vices, this is certainly not the end of the world for you, don't allow the mistakes of the past tie down your progress and your future. It's true you've made those mistakes, seek for God's forgiveness, forgive yourself and please move on with your life as a brand new creature, don't say because you have gone so deep you can't come out, No! Just get yourself together and move on, only do not go back to your vomit.

 You will surely be proud of what God will make out of you.
And I'll also like to say this to ladies who have fallen victim of sexual abuse and molestation. Sweetheart, it was never your fault, accept what has happened and forgive yourself, don't forget to forgive your abuser too because that is where your healing begins. Yes, it is difficult but yes, it is possible! You're healed already!

Precious HLG : The virtuous woman in Proverbs 31, her qualities are really high, how can a lady be that virtuous? And what's your advice for all ladies out there? 

Oluwuyi Opeyemi : The same question I usually ask in my mind too. (smiles) 
I have learnt over the years that for a lady to be exactly like the woman described in Provers 31, you have to be ready to take up responsibilities, determination and hard work are most essential too. God's grace is always available to as many that will be intentional about being virtuous women.

My advice to all ladies. Keep being you, honour and treasure yourself, learn to take up responsibilities, don't be lazy, maximise your time and above all Let the love of God rule your hearts. God bless you!

Precious HLG : Thanks very much. 

Oluwuyi Opeyemi : You're welcome

Dear lady, you're beautiful, you're loved, cherished, your worth is far beyond gold, rubies, and precious stones. You've got to see yourself this way and treat yourself as such. As our interviewee had said, don't allow the mistakes of the past to tie down your progress. 

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