Monday, 28 August 2017

Thanks to the mirror for revealing to us our physical appearance only | By Precious Deji-Omolere

This is no fiction. 
"interpret in English",  my pastor said to me , "What?", I retorted within myself. I sat beside him and silently interpreted the prayers to him, interpreting is not that easy, kudos to interpreters! After the meeting, this guy in suit with a fair skin colour and  a countenance of that of an Igbo guy finally said to my pastor "ese ma" meaning thank you ma. Oh my! Did he just... ? Everyone was surprised that this guy doesn't only understand Yoruba language but could even speak fluently, and in fact he was a Yoruba guy. "OMG, with all the grammar I blew, why didn't he say anything that he actually understood us and stop the drama?" I thought within me again. 

Well, he actually closed his eyes throughout, probably he didn't know about what was happening, but he sure must have heard all that I said. All because he dressed differently, no one bothered to ask whether he understood us or not, he was obviously looking different from everyone else. The environment we were was actually of a mixed language, that prompted the pseudo judgement. 

Samuel Butler in his word said "Let us be grateful to the mirror
for revealing to us our appearance only" Thanks to the mirror and the credited inventor  of the silvered-glass mirror,  Justus Von Liebig. Just that, the man whose appearance reflects in the mirror knows that there is more to himself than the mirror could tell.

If you successfully lie to your friends, family, only you know who you are. Those things that people see outwardly, could pass different message to different people, that's what the mirror would not do, it won't add, it won't subtract, your appearance and nothing more. Someone said "what about some mirrors with aberration, making your head thin and your nose bigger than your head." At least, it didn't change your skin colour, nor was your cloth changed from blue to red. 

The guy whose appearance deceived us all knew who he was, the language he could speak and understood, his attitude and disposition to life event, but we didn't know. The world today is full of pretenders, fine container, foul content. 

Some people will purposefully call themselves ten when they are not even up to one, my father is Bill Gates' uncle, they will say. Just in a bid to appear important and gain groundless repute. Some have become PhD holder in lying, and this has caused their opportunity to pass them by, because the person that could help you, you have made it looked like he needed help himself when you've overrated yourself. 

No one is above misjudgement, and it often happen like that through what you see, the superficial details of people, what they say, their appearance. First impression matters they say, it does, but don't get the wrong impression. 

This is a world where ones eyes must have the kind of luminance that a fluorescent can't emit. Appearance is something that must not fool you, it has an overwhelming efficacy, that in one sight, you're already swept off your feet. The mirror indeed will not lie, it will only give you back what you show to it. But the mirror can't reflect the inward, so is your eyes. 

The guy was barely dressed in a suit and you mistook him for a billionaire, well, you would one day think Mark Zuckerberg is penniless since he's habitually fond of wearing uniform; jeans, hoodies and identical grey t-shirt. 

Don't be freaked with mere 'packaging', because what you see is not always what it is.The American musician, Keith Sweat said "Don't get caught up in the 'look' thing. Sometimes, we as men and women, the first thing that attracts us to someone is their physical appearance, and that's not always a good thing because what's good on the outside is not always good on the inside." 

Don't be deceived by anything appearance. And how good it would be if you be like a mirror, when your appearance tells us just who you are. 

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