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Teaching and the Student's life. An interview with Lawal Ayodeji

Good day everyone, it's another interview with someone passionate about academics and the success of students academically, read through, it's worth giving your time to. Click this button if you missed the last interview.

Precious HLG : Can we meet you? 

Lawal Ayodeji: My name is Lawal Ayodeji Adewunmi a.k.a comrade spirit. By profession, I am a food engineer but my passion is teaching and I have decided to channel all my energy into it.

Precious HLG: Why do you love teaching, what's your inspiration?

Lawal Ayodeji: Hmmmm. I love teaching because the greatest gift you can give to someone is knowledge from my own school of thought, and I believe that one of the medium to change the degrading educational system of my country is to get involved in the sector.
 And I can't really cope without teaching.

Precious HLG: Since when did you start teaching?

Lawal Ayodeji: (Smiles) Since my secondary school days. SSS 2 to be precise. Then when I got admitted into the university, I started tutoring my mates before joining a particular tutorial platform where I tutored for 6years and still teach till date.

Precious HLG: Before I ask the next question sir. What is it that you don't like in Nigeria educational system?

Lawal Ayodeji:  1) I have been privileged to see many teachers that don't have passion for students but teaching because of frustration.
2) I have met many sadist lecturers that can kill all the passion and zeal for Knowledge in the students. I felt the pain of those type of lecturers in my university days.
3) There is too much malpractices in examination conducted in this present time and I really set out to correct this third point.

Precious HLG: How did you start  Edarmoc Tirips?

Lawal Ayodeji: Edarmoc Tirips group is a vision that was conceived when I was in 500level after returning from industrial training (IT) with GSK, I knew that I won't want to settle for such life, though I learnt so much but I decided that day that I am made for something more.

This resulted in edarmoc trips. Though the name of the group wasn't known then, the vision is to show to Nigerians that patriotism, integrity, honesty and humility are still values that can bring this nation out of our crisis,  and one of  our vehicle for this campaign is our tutorial to the secondary school students.

Precious HLG: Great. Keep it up sir. I'm happy we have Nigerians concerned with our educational system, I pray it gets better.

Lawal Ayodeji: Amen. I strongly believe it will get better, though there are many obstacles already appearing.

Precious HLG: Those obstacles are surmountable.  I believe you will overcome them. Alright, let's move to the life of the students. What's the secret of academic excellence?

Lawal Ayodeji: Thanks for the encouragement, I truly believe I will. If Thomas Edison and Abraham Lincoln overcame, we surely will.

There are only 5 secrets that I know.

1) GOD
2) Decision to succeed
3) Discipline
4) Determination.

5) And finally, I always tell my students that the only reason they won't succeed is because they refused to believe in themselves.

Precious HLG: How does the teachers contribute to the failure of students?

Lawal Ayodeji: Let me give you a practical example. When I was in 200level in the university, I took a course that the lecturer had been taking for the past 6 years and he still doesn't know it until he peeped into his note, he can't even transfer the knowledge correctly and he expected me to pass.

The teacher's carriage, usage of words can lead to students failure.

Precious HLG: What is(are) the virtue(s) a tutor must  possess?

Lawal Ayodeji: He must love teaching

  He must love knowledge

   He must love the students

And he must not be the one that aims at destroying the student's life by having an affair with them because there is high tendency that the students may be attracted to them because they may see them as their God.

Precious HLG: Is there anything too difficult to understand as a student?

Lawal Ayodeji: I will say no and yes.

For me the answer is no. Because I have set my mind to believe that nothing is too hard, but for someone who is yet to set his mind to believe that, the answer is surely a yes.

But I love this quote so much and it has really helped me. 'Success lies at the far end of failure' so no harm in trying you know.

Precious HLG: What experience would you like to share being a tutor?

Lawal Ayodeji: They are so many but let me share one.

The First time I was to teach. I was a very shy person but most of my friends don't believe that. But that day I was facing the board throughout, I couldn't face the students, my leg was shaking and I was stammering, it was a day I will never forget. 

So I learnt a lesson from that experience that 'courage isn't absent of fear but the ability to act in the presence of fear' After that day till date I overcame the phobia for facing crowd because it died that day.

Precious HLG: What is the importance of education?

Lawal Ayodeji: The Scriptures stated it: that my people perished because they lack knowledge. I believe that education is a medium for acquiring knowledge and knowledge is power, illumination and without it, there won't be progress.

Precious HLG: What advice do you have for tutors and students?

Lawal Ayodeji: To tutors, help mother Nigeria to raise students that can face any examination without fear or cheating and examination malpractices.

To students, trust me if you can not read and pass school examinations without malpractice, how will you cope in your field of study after graduating and stay relevant? Please remember that we are the last hope of Nigeria going by our population that's about 100million youth now.

Precious HLG: Thanks so much sir, your commitment towards this interview is highly appreciated.

Lawal Ayodeji: Amen.

Thanks a lot for this great privilege I really appreciate it.

I will always drop my point of view. From all that Ayodeji Lawal had said, all I saw in his love for academics was a burning passion. Your passion has to burn, it would surely in turn burn up all fears and obstacles.

We all are learning and that's why we are students, success is attainable in all spheres of life, just learn the principle.

To the tutors or teachers or lecturers, let your focus be that your students are successful, you are not a teacher if knowledge is not passed across to your students or audience. 

See you next weekend.

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