Wednesday, 9 August 2017

On The Verge Of Bonding | By Precious Deji-Omolere

An atmosphere of love mixed with the chilly December Saturday morning breeze and smell of fried meat which took over the ever fresh fragrance in the mansion of Mr. and Mrs. Dozie. It was a weekend they all have been waiting for as their daughter Angela would be getting married.

The previous day. Chukwuemeka, the groom-to-be who was also from the same town as Angela had been up and doing to ensure that his wedding leaves a trail and traces of perfection and one of those highly praised wedding.

His uncle, Solomon, who was the closest relative to him had also took part in the task effortlessly and nothing less than perfection won't be taken.
After the long day of running around helter-skelter, himself, Solomon and other close friends that came for his wedding retired to bed and awaiting The Day.

Emeka's family relocated to Lagos many years ago when Mr. Kevin, his father got a nice job offer. Whenever they come to their home town, they stayed in their old three bedroom flat. And this made things easy for them pertaining to the wedding. Mrs Kevin had also been at the bride's house for proper preparation so she was as busy as a beaver and it was certain she wouldn't be going home that night. 

The night and the soul of Emeka travelled down sweet memory lane from the day he met Angela, he was on his way to the lecture room when this heavy rain started and he was wet from head to toe within five seconds. He remembered hiding under a soon-to-be-removed canopy, where he first met Angela. He remembered times when they almost broke up because of a little misunderstanding hid under the frame of jealousy. He couldn't but thank his stars that he would finally have her in less than twelve hours. What sweetness went down his soul. 

He had always made it a point of duty to call Angela every night, he almost forgot, except the thought of her caused him to remember. So he picked his phone and called the wife-to-be, they talked for nothing less than thirty minutes and expressed their emotions as to how excited they were to finally say 'I do' just in few hours time. 

Emeka had earlier insisted on sleeping in the living room to make his guests comfortable, and so he and his uncle together with Deji his best man slept in the living room. 

At exactly 02:00am while even the crab was sound asleep, a consistent heavy knock that could break a wooden door was heard. Everyone had been stressed out and had travelled farther into the dream land if not the dead land. 

The knock persisted and one of Emeka's groom's men woke up,  staggering from the bed room to the living room like he was a bit tipsy as a skunk. He yawned and checked the time incase it was already morning. The knock became more alarming and almost everyone in the room woke up to check what was going on, Solomon and Emeka were the last to wake up after tapping and tapping from the best man. 

"Who's there?" Emeka yelled angrily and bit his tongue to curse whoever  truncated his sleep and the dream he just had, putting the ring on Angela's finger. He and no one else said nothing more before the so called iron door was forced open with a gun. 

Fear creeped into the heart of the mighty and simple. 

"We were just passing by and thought you could have some gifts for us " one of the hefty armed men said with his right leg placed on the centre table and the gun targeted randomly to everyone in the living room. 

" Please don't kill us, we will give you anything you want " Solomon begged 

Emeka who had earlier put his phone in his pyjamas pocket felt a vibration, in a bid to stop the phone from ringing out, one of the men saw him, he thought he was armed and shot him twice. Blood started gushing out of his stomach. 

" Why did you shoot? " one of the armed men said and they all rushed out before things get worse. 

Solomon warned the guys not to inform anyone. It was a terrible situation as gentle men wept bitterly in the car hoping he was not already dead. Alas! The Doctor confirmed him dead.

It was now Saturday as Solomon walked into the compound of the bride like a Zombie in thirst for blood, he shivered as the cold went down his bones, perceiving the scent of fried meat, jollof rice and other delicacies. Angela rushed out on seeing him. 

"I've been calling Emeka, where is he?"
Solomon didn't think twice but hit the bull's-eye. "He's dead" 
She screamed and fainted. This called the attention of the whole building including passers by. 

She woke up in the hospital only for her to see Emeka, her parents, Emeka's parents and Solomon beside her. She grabbed Emeka's cloth "You're alive?"  Tears trickled down her cheeks as she narrated the whole dream to everyone. 

The Pastor came to the hospital and prayed for the family. The wedding became the talk of the town as everything went well and perfectly.

Food for thought

Evil can stand beside any good thing, but you have a God who is above all and can overthrow every evil.

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