Saturday, 12 August 2017

Drumming. An interview with Fafioye Emmanuel on HLG iWEEKEND

Good morning famz. It's another weekend, thanks for your feedbacks last week. I hope you're enjoying your weekend? This day on HLG iWeekend, I bring a friend, older brother too. He's a wonderful person. And most importantly, he's a drummer. So we are talking about drumming, let's roll it. 3, 2, 1, 0...ACTION!

Precious HLG: Can we meet you?

Emmanuel: My name is Emmanuel Fafioye, a graduate of Earth Sciences (Geophysics). I do music and lots more.

Precious HLG:  You're a drummer. How did you start drumming, what inspired you into it?

Emmanuel:  I started drumming as an adult, on like many drummers that started at tender ages. Although I love drumming since I was a lad. I gathered things and use rope to tie them and play around those days. 

My mum promised to help me join brigade, but she didn't in our church then. And then little children are not permitted to move close to the musical instruments because of maintenance policies.

 So that denied me of learning it as a lad which would have helped my progress. Many great drummers and musicians started from tender ages. So I started learning when I gained admission.  It was not easy to see a teacher then. 

I started learning talking drum from home. And when I got to school I met one of my secondary school mates Tomi Akinwale, who could play drums and wanted to learn talking drum. 

So we began  to roll. I taught him talking drum basics while he taught me drum set basics. We didn't have much time to exchange ideas because I was the one to play talking drums in church. And he was the one to play drum set in the other hand, we were focused on playing together as a team . 

So when I got to 200level. I started downloading videos, drums, instructional videos. And I remembered I travelled to Lagos to buy a disc worth at least 5k, Instructional videos from tutors abroad.  

Those are just some little things on how I got started. There's more to it. So much to say. 

My inspiration is just the sounds of music. I just love hearing it, especially live performances.

Precious HLG: Now, looking at this, someone's passion might be drums, in a place like Nigeria, if a little boy or girl stands up and tell his parents "I want to be a drummer." It doesn't have to be the only thing he does. But is drum worth a passion? What is so special about drumming?

Emmanuel: It's worth a passion, but economically having it as a career means you will have it as a secondary career until you become so popular with it before you give it full time.

There are drummers that does it on a full time scale, but not much because of it's economical side. That's why parents especially in Nigeria advices their children to choose drumming career as a secondary one.

Precious HLG: So what interesting thing do you want people to know about drum or drumming?

Emmanuel: uhmm, following the beat! Everyone is a drummer, everyone can follow the beat, you move your head or tap your foot to music subconsciously in accordance to beat. And this is the basics to drumming.

Precious HLG: Say I want to learn drums, asking on behalf of someone that is interested. How many months or years would it take?

Emmanuel: It depends on your teacher and your ability, as well as your consistency in practicing. At least one month. 

It shouldn't take long to be a professional.

Precious HLG: Who's your best drummer that you look up to, and what makes him special to you?

Emmanuel: Three of them:
 Chris Coleman , Tonny Royster Jr, Thomas Pridgen.

 Chris Coleman has a crazy combination of time. Tonny

 royster has a wide expression of grooving.

 Thomas Pridgen has a crazy speed and tough touching on drums. So, Crazy timing plus express grooving plus crazy speed with tough touching. Would make Emmanuel one of the best drummer. What do you think?

Precious HLG: hmmm, that's nice. Trust you na.

 What's your highest dream for drums?

Emmanuel: I want to do a video instructional DVD . Two of them that's all. I have other careers that needs my attention too.

Precious HLG: Alright. Wish you all the best. Are drummers made or born?

Emmanuel: Both, some are naturally talented. But professional drumming requires training.

Precious HLG: OK. What advice do you have for drummers out there, something to encourage them, including the beginners and those that have been into it for a while now.

Emmanuel: Be a professional as soon as possible
 And that requires 3 keys:
1) be an expert at the basics very quick
2) learn from forerunners.
3) gather their ideas
4) invent new things.

Precious HLG: hmm. Thanks so so much for your time, outta your busy schedule you still screwed it out for this. God bless you, Greater heights.

Emmanuel: Amen, thanks so much for the privilege, thanks HLG.

Precious HLG:That's it! Share with a drummer friend. And don't forget to share with other friends too. I won't stop saying this "There are rules or principle that works for every career"

He mentioned something as regards not starting at a tender age, but this still didn't stop him from pursuing his passion. You are not too old to chase your dreams or too young to have a dream.

Drop your comments, see you next weekend.