Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Disguised Headhunt, Short story by Precious Deji-Omolere

“I hate Mondays.” Isioma would always blot out her sour resentment towards weekdays, pointing fingers to poor Mondays as the beginning of another ‘work, work, work’ as she would habitually say. Isioma works in a medicine store as the payee. She was always as busy as a one-armed paperhanger, glued to her desk from 08:00am to 06:00pm. She sometimes sneaked out  to have lunch or go gossip with her room mate who also worked in a fashion designing shop close by . 

She stopped this sneaking around attitude of hers one mild Wednesday when she assigned one of the sales girls, Adora who was one sandwich short of a picnic when it comes to money matters. By the time Isioma was back from the what turned to an unfortunate trip, the Christmas chicken had burned from down to up.

Their boss, Pharm. Edwin had returned from his trip which was supposed to be in two weeks time. Things would have not been so complicated but even the other girls went on a sabbatical stroll out too and Adora was left attending to the baby, the boo and the poo. Running from getting drugs for customers to collecting the money, to recording. At least fifteen customers were in the store by the time Edwin came around and things were as awkward as a cow on roller skates.

 Customers, especially the impatient ones were blasting her as if she was the female anopheles mosquito that bit some of them, as many of them demanded for anti-malaria drugs.

Now that her boss is back, she needed to start waking up as early as possible since her hand was caught in the cookie jar. That led her to saying her early monday-morning-ritual-sentence. “Isi, you have said that a million times in two weeks” her friend responded as she dressed up for work. Isioma jumped off the bed as a duck takes to water, rushed to the bathroom and soon out so she could catch up with her room mate and they set out together. 

Three of them were summoned by Edwin who for the first time asked them to make a blow-by-blow account of the goods available. 

"You'll therefore spend extra hours, and you have three days. You're dismissed"

Not giving them a chance to speak at all, they all knew what Edwin meant. Edwin had always done it himself and usually took him nothing less than two weeks. Now that he can trust his employees he thought it was good they handle it and since he also has a ballpark estimate of what was in store, he would quickly notice any fraudulent act. 

"As much as I think about it, Edwin has bats in the belfry, his ideas are absolutely crazy" Isioma said. "Lower your voice or you go home today" Adora cautioned 
"Is he going to give us extra pay?" Isioma muttered 
" You wish " replied Tade. The three of them went back to their different duty post. 

It was already evening while the other girls had left. Tade, Adora and Isioma looked around to see what a great mountain placed before them. There were about fifty shelves filled with countless drugs. While they were still sightseeing, a customer came in to get a drug. "I can't believe this" Tade muttered as he wondered if they would be attending to the small mountain of the customers as well as the big mountain of their boss' callousness. 

"We are closed for the day " Isioma yelled and quickly put the banner outside the door that showed they were closed, and she locked the door behind. They worked hard till 09:00pm, covering fifteen shelves. They worked harder the following day when they figured out how to work it out better and they were left with just five shelves to cover. 

"This man could not even check how we have been fairing" Adora said angrily when they were about living; some minutes past eleven in the night. 
Isioma and Tade pleaded with Adora to cover for them as they both said they won't be around.

 After much plea she agreed, though she wasn't happy about it. But since they were superior to her, she had no choice. 
Adora was left alone in the store and finished up the work exactly 10:30pm. She was surprised to see Edwin come   at such odd time with three packs of disposable plates which was transparent through the nylon. 

"Evening sir "
" Evening, where is Isioma and Tade. I called her and she said you guys were still in the store that's why I stopped to check" Isioma was left with no choice than spitting the truth out as Edwin had a lie-detecting spirit, you can't be too smart. 

"They couldn't make it sir, it was remaining just little to cover. We've been working together all along " Adora explained 
" Anyways, you can have this for your dinner, I'll drop you off " He gave her one of the packs and they zoomed off. 
Edwin summoned the three of them the following day before they had any chance to gossip about anything. 

" Adora would be the Deputy Manager as I will be traveling very often. Respect her, she's your boss " 
They were all shocked at this but remained mute as it was obvious Edwin had more to say. 
" I thought of increasing your salaries and make one of you the DM but you two have proven to me that my order doesn't mean anything to you "

" But sir we've been working tirelessly together... " Isioma protested and Edwin cut in 
" Shut it, you're dismissed, Adora, wait behind "

Food for thought
  • Don't give up so easily
  • Respect every higher authority
  • Take your job seriously
What did you learn from this story? Drop your comments. See you next Wednesday


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