Monday, 7 August 2017

4 Reasons Why You Should Not Rush Into Anything.

Rush, according to Merriam-Webster means 'to move forward, progress, or act with haste or eagerness or without preparation'

Has it ever happened to you before that you were already late for work, school or any appointment and really needed to eat your breakfast. As the clock kept ticking,  you wolfed down your breakfast which was of course very hot. So you drank a cup of water and set out. Only for you to later discovered that you had burned your tongue, you would  most probably notice this after some minutes or an hour. 

We rush when we don't have to rush in the first place. See 4 reasons why you should not rush at all. 

1. You may end up ruining everything.
Do you mind telling a Doctor to quickly finish up the operation?         
If I were the one I would simply say "You mean I should kill the patient?" Life can be that important. Anything you gently handle with care and passion will often produce positive result. So as humans, looking at our  body Physiology and Anatomy, you could know that we were  carefully made. You should learn how to take things easy and act carefully. 

2. You could be wrong after all. 
The first time I heard the word mirage was when I was in the elementary school. Sometimes when working on a tarred road, you'd see something that looks like water farther away on the road, it's called mirage. So many a time we judge people from afar, we quickly jump into conclusion or I could call it 'rush into conclusion'. Then we later find out that what we saw was not what it seemed to be.

If you had gone ahead bad-mouthing such person just for you to find out later that you were wrong, how are you then going to correct your mistakes? It's only better to work on yourself and cease from being judgemental. 

3. There is more to know 
You sure can't have all the information or ideas that you need in one bucket, it unfolds with time. But then, there is also enough to know. It reminds me of the story of a man who was supposed to deliver a message, but he ran and went with a half message. It was confusing until the other man came with a whole message.  When you know half of what you should know it makes you look foolish. 

You may just need to hold on a bit and find out more, just waiting a bit longer  could save you some unnecessary stress and aches. 

4. Little or no result 
Sometimes when we rush, it's because we didn't prepare. Like the definition of rush above. You can't always be lucky doing stuffs at the eleventh-hour and expecting to see the same result with someone that started at the zeroth hour. 

Preparation is key to effective growth or success. 

Written by 
Precious Deji-Omolere Da'prenita 

These are few reasons  out of other reasons why you should not rush, what other reasons do you know or have?  Drop in the comment box below.