Monday, 31 July 2017

What you should know about Fashion By Adisa Gbemisola

          This word has been defined differently in time past, from centuries past and the present age. It is so glaring that it changes with time in the sense that what was used in centuries past are just so outdated now.

 If you decided to be so old fashioned that you dress the way they dressed then or you decide to wear the look of centuries past, there is no doubt that you will be a laughing stock outside.

 At the same time some of the dressing then and what was trending centuries past has also been brought back to this age but in another way, I mean in a charming way. 

So my point is; there is nothing we see about fashion now that has not been before, it's just more fashioned.        So I go by defining fashion according to the dictionary: it is a current trend, and is also the style, shape, appearance, or mode of structure.

 It is also the make or form of anything or anyone. 
So literally I could depict who you are by your appearance, your hairstyle, your dress, your shoes, your jewelries etc. A truly fashioned person can be known by what they are putting on if it is trending at that time because fashion is the current trend.    

  I also want to talk about how this word has been abused because people lack the understanding of its true meaning. Some people react to it based on what they have been told or what they have come to see or what they see on social media and so we see people dress anyhow all in the name of ‘fashion’

There is a popular saying that ‘’if the purpose of a thing is unknown, then abuse is inevitable" I believe fashion is being abused big time. 

So on this note I want to say enough of duplicating what we see online, enough of slaying if you don’t know what it truly means, I say it’s time to define fashion your own way and dress the way you want to be addressed, lets stand up for what is ours and stop basing our appearance or outlook on what we see online.   
Finally I will like to say that our father in heaven has given us an outlook to wear all the time, which is to be modest in our dressing. 

So as we go on to define fashion our own way, I want us to know the GOD standard and follow it. Trust me, you will be intrigued to find out that the holy spirit is a fashion personality. So trust him to pick out your dresses and tell you the look to put on per time.  


Adisa Gbemisola Aderiike was born on the 21st of March. She hails from Osun State and reside in Akure, Ondo State with her parents and siblings. She is an undergraduate in the University, studying Pure and Applied Biology and a passionate fashion designer. She loves teaching as this is her God-given gift, she's a worshiper and loves taking pictures. She also writes though she doesn't like admitting it. She enjoys beautiful moments spent with friends and family and she's very lively.

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