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Hey guys, from the table of HLG I bring a Photographer, whose work is popularly known as MAXIMIZE EXPRESSIONS. Having this interview with him was an amazing thing and I enjoyed every bit of it, though I’m not a photographer but I learnt some things that are applicable to every other field too and I believe you'd learn one or two things too. Read through and enjoy! 

Precious HLG: Good evening, can we meet you?

Matthew: My name is Babatunde Matthew. A graduate of computer Engineering (B.Tech). Aside few skills, I guess I got this interview because of one, which is photography!

Precious HLG: Nice meeting you. You're into photography, and I've seen a couple of your works, they are very nice and shows expertise, how did you start as a photographer?

Matthew: uhmmmmn! I started making photographs 2012/2013. It all began with graphics designing and I dragged photography into it that year, I was in school (University), part 2.

Precious HLG: OK, Thanks. Did you have other photographers close to you or it was a decision you made of yourself?

Matthew: There was none, however, there was someone I was looking up to.

Precious HLG: Alright, You mentioned graphics designing earlier, I still want to ask perhaps it's not so, so the question is 'Is photography all about having a good camera? What other things or skill should one have with it?' That's two questions.

Matthew: ahhhh!  After five years in this profession, it was not too long ago I realized that, 'even making good photographs is different from photography business. Photography is about much more, and its not first of all about having a good gear(camera). Having the good car does not make you a good driver, so having a good gear does not make you a good photographer. A photographer’s work is first of all
about the photographer before the appropriate gear. So, I can conclusively say that, a photograph is the signature of the maker (photographer), and not the camera.

Precious HLG: Hmmm, that’s strong. So photoshop skill and all is also essential, right?

Matthew: Photoshop and other editing softwares are for post production (i.e. to put finishing touch to photographs, and to manipulate if necessary)

Precious HLG:  I so love this picture, when and where did you take it and what insight can you deduce from it?

Matthew:  This photograph has a long story attached to it...Don’t be bored o

Precious HLG: I won't be bored, I have more than 25hrs(lol)

Matthew: First, it was done in Ekiti state, Nigeria, Ado - Ekiti precisely. It is one of my best work this year, I shot it April.

Precious HLG: WOW, that's nice.

Matthew: I had my NYSC in Ekiti State, and I must confess that even a boring fellow will tell you that Ekiti ain't lively! So, I was in a search of making myself happy in this town with my work, though I had covered few events there. This work is a result of creative hunger, I needed to be fed. So, it occurred to me that, one of the characteristic features of this city is the Big mountainous rocks. And you know, I have develop interest in fashion photography. I had to look for a way to combine Fashion with the Mountains(FASHION meets NATURE) in Ekiti. I must confess that after the shoot, I felt it could still be better, so expect another of this series. And so, we made series of emotions with the serenity on the mountain.

Precious HLG: Hmmm, alright. What does the name implies "Maximize Expressions", what relationship does it have with your work?

Matthew: Maximize Expressions is what defines my work. I remember at many points when I wanted to change the name, when I felt it was too long and not trendy. Everything comes with an expression. Nature speaks, and it is discerned by her expressions. What I just do is to Maximize that Expression by shooting.

Precious HLG: Hmmm, it's trendy!

Matthew: Are you sure?

Precious HLG: Yes I love it, and the meaning. What do you do when some people snap pictures and don't come back for it? You know some people can be like that.

Matthew: Well, I avoid it. When I comfortably shoot for you, you will either spend beyond your budget, or pay what you have and plan to retrieve the rest later.

Precious HLG:  Hmm that shows confidence in what you do, your works are great. Shooting at occasions, is it always easy and interesting?

Matthew: It's not easy but interesting.Because, I create new things for each event. I want to show you four pictures of the same thing taken from different event.

Precious HLG:  WOW,it's creative.

Matthew: With different event, you come up with different concepts, because you don't wanna take the same thing over and over. I create new things for each event. Those rings represent four different weddings.

Precious HLG:   I'm really learning here and I'm sure people out there will learn a lot too, it's very applicable to other fields of life. Let me ask the remaining questions at once. 1.How can photography be of help to humanity, does it have benefits? 2. What are the challenges if any and what's your advice to other photographers out there.

Matthew: 1. Photography is one that is lucrative, having the right set of skills, marketability, and referrals. However, a good artist makes money to create more art. It's benefits to humanity are quite obvious. 
1. Pictorial documentation.
2. For story telling
3. Reportage
And like every other art work, it can be competitive, and this is supposed to spur more creative works. Challenges; 
 So many! 
- Every young artist needs to learn how to retire so as to refire.
- You need a mentor and to regularly check out the work of artist they enjoy most, as this helps to keep you from creative blocks.
- For all self taught artist out there, pricing can be a challenge, seek guidance. Learn the business of photography and don't stop creating stuffs, your accumulated knowledge will always make you better, and will land you a profitable work one day.

Precious HLG: Hmmm. Thanks so so much. I know this must have been stressful for you, I really appreciate your commitment towards the interview. Thanks a lot for answering every question.

Matthew: Thank you too

Yeah, that's it. I hope you enjoyed it, if you're a photographer don't hesitate to read and share with other photographer friends and not only that, you don't have to be a photographer to read or share, I learnt something very paramount here; which is CREATIVITY, don't bore yourself with same method, or the same style of your work, don't be so predictable, push your imagination to work and you will see what a wonder you are. Shalom, see you next Saturday. 

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