Wednesday, 19 July 2017


'I quit.' Rosemary walked in quietly and politely set down the green file on the table her boss was standing close to. There were about five tables and chairs in the general office. Mr. Augustine had stopped by to check the work his employees were doing, he had always monitored his employees, ensuring  all hands were on deck.

Rosemary after her two weeks suspension was declared, she had only used three days in her suspension term, saving less than two weeks for it to be annulled. The other four employees with Mr. Augustine stared at her bewildered and expecting to hear more from her rather than the two words she just spitted out like a man who just realised he was chewing his forbidden fruit. Her words could only mean two things; either she quit work or quit suspension,  and if the latter were to be so, the green file must be the evidence that proves her innocence and quitting work was the last thing anyone could expect of her.

The whole office turned dead silent like a cemetery, even the high-pitched grating sound of the generator seemed to be in support of the one minute silence of the deceased. It was certain Rosemary was not ready to say anything after all, so someone needed to break the silence, but who?

David, a very close friend of Rosemary who understood her more than anyone else knew she was capable of quitting work, though not so soon. He spoke up ‘Mary, are you serious?’ he said fixing his gaze on Mr. Augustine who was also staring at Rosemary. ‘I’ve never been serious Dave’ Rosemary replied David sternly, showing him there was no amount of persuasion that could make the monkey forget the banana.

'Miss Rose' as Mr. Augustine was fond of calling her 'See me in my office and pick your file' he said walking towards the direction of his office, when he didn't hear her move he yelled 'Mary!' then she obeyed. Mr. Augustine stared at her from head to toe before finally speaking. 'Who quits job without a proper resignation letter and handing over?' He said looking more serious than he had been looking, he wouldn't want her to leave, she had contributed to the growth of the company and she was the highest paid employee.

He tried preventing her from being suspended but the other employees would see him as being unfair because he would never hesitate to suspend anyone that takes his job with levity. Mary had been accused of some outlandish discrepancies, which she denied, with a sum of 1.7M naira which evaporated into thin hair. Though it was obvious she wasn't the culprit. Nobody would confess and she was in charge of the account so she had to pay for another man's sin. The suspension was just the tip of the iceberg, her three months salary will also go for it. So if she quits work, she must still refund the money but every single dime this time or she will be left with her eyes blinking behind the bar.

'That's my resignation letter sir with due respect' she retorted.


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