Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Rosemary The Accountant 2

Remember Rosemary, David, Mr. Augustine, the suspension? 
'I beg your pardon? Are you out of your mind, Do - do- do you know the implication of what you're saying' Mr. Augustine drenched Rose with chains of questions and stammered asking the last one like the man whose hand was caught in the pot of soup saying -I was, I was, I was-

Rosemary drew one of the two chairs fitly arranged side by side to face Mr. Augustine directly or whoever was sitting on his chair, the chair being dragged gave a hissing sound and Rose sat, heaved a sigh and started speaking.

'Sir, in these past three days of my suspension, I became cognisant of certain dreams I once had' She sighted the new computer Mr. Augustine just bought, he had been saying it for few months, Rose quickly knew it was the new one he was talking about 'nice lappy' she complimented and continued while Mr. Augustine also gave a quick glance to it and whispered 'thanks'. Touching the hair of the baby before the barber takes them off. 

'I discovered the person behind the discrepancy the same day I got this suspension, Sir, I couldn't sleep, I checked out the account over and over maybe we had a client that hasn't payed yet. I even came to the office to get some vital documents, or let's say I was in the office when I discovered where the problem lied' She reached for her black coloured bag which matched her shoe on a blue short gown. She had earlier placed the bag on the ground, she picked up the key by the hind side of her bag without any hassle.

'That's the key sir, I forgot to drop it and I'm sorry for sneaking in' Mr. Augustine said no word, he was only anticipating the end of the fight either mama kills the boy or the boy kills the mama. 
'It was Patricia, she did a very nice job, it was only a silly mistake she made or I would stay in this mess longer than this, well, the white knows we might make mistakes so they inserted the eraser just by the end of the pencil'

'I saw the deleted documents in the recycle bin, and I saw everything I needed, I printed the documents, it's part of the stuffs in that file. I was very furious and thought I should return to the office to prove my innocence' While Rose was still speaking, a sound was heard outside the office like a  phone fell off the ground, Mr. Augustine knew someone was there listening to the whole conversation. 

'Why not just come in and drop your resignation letters, bunch of fools!' They were more than one after all and rushed from the office entrance to God-knows-where. Mr. Augustine gestured to Rosemary to continue picking the beans. 
'Then my mind went off to my savings, I've been thinking of the right time to quit this job but I didn't want you to be disappointed as I know how many times you've raised my pay so I don't leave, but I know I would leave someday and I know it's now. I've started working on setting up my own company, I don't have all that I need but I just have to start something'

'Can you change your mind?' Mr. Augustine asked as if he was not listening to all she had been saying, though he listened. 
'It's too late sir, but don't punish Patricia, I confronted her and she couldn't deny it. She mentioned her sick mother and all that and said she thought I won't be affected, so she rolled the ball to my side. Sir, if not for this incident, I might not be able to fulfil my dreams as I'm desperate to do so now'

'Let me know if you need anything, you have my full support' Rose was grateful but didn't say it in words seeing the disappointment written all over Mr. Augustine's face. He took his cell phone and dialled a number telling the person from the other side of the line to bring in two of their men. Rose knew Patricia was going to be punished. She did all she could to help the situation but all to no avail. Patricia paid the debt with her salaries with a warning not to leave the city. She continued working with the company as Mr. Augustine had compassion on her according to Rosemary's plea. 


If Rosemary wasn't in that mess, she might either not fulfill her dreams or take longer time for her dream to come to fulfilment. She must have felt so bad or cursed whoever the enemy was. But in the long run, the problem became a stepping stone to greatness. She not only was freed of the problem, she fulfilled her dreams. 

  • Forgive your enemies, they don't know what they are  doing and they have no power over you. God will use their evil tactics to lead you to your destiny. 
  • Whatsoever situation you find yourself, always be positive. 
  • Have a good reputation. 
  • Pursue your dreams. 
  • Love everybody. 


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