Monday, 24 July 2017

Let's Embrace Our Differences

We are all totally different people, yes. My family loves garden egg and  I happened to be  the only one that doesn’t like it, I just don’t like it. I was in the kitchen one day and mum came with a garden egg which she had eaten two-third of and told me to take a bite, I did may be I would like it finally as I’ve always tried, I squeezed my face eating it, she did the same again until I gave it all up, she thought I might like it after taking several bites. I hope to like it though ‘cos  I’m already feeling intimidated.

Just like the different animals I’ve seen, heard of, read about, perhaps some I’ve even heard their voices without having to see them, they are all different animals but still animals, they are called animals. You will even hear stuffs like “this one you’re seeing isn’t of the same specie with that one over there, but they are of the same family.”

Can you see that? In the family of Apes, you need to see their different species and different behaviours, we can be funny and call all of them monkeys or chimpanzees while they don’t have same name after all. Only a wicked man will beat the snail for being too slow and praise the Cheetah who it raced with, you’ve got to be kidding me. Snail is an animal, so is Cheetah. Do they have same features, NO? Are they both animals? YES.

What I’m driving at is simple; don’t compare Victor with Victoria. We are totally different people. Like my own unloving gesture toward garden egg, I simply don’t like it and I really wish I love it as much as I loved bananas and apples, I could actually force myself to eat them for
the sake of the peculiar nutrients they have.

When you start seeing people to be different from you and others then there won’t be problem. I’m not talking about bad habits that we all need to work on, but I’m talking of our makeup. The garden egg I don’t like might not be the perfect example. I would love to use another one.

Some people are very quiet, while some will wake up the long dead leopard at their arrival. Why should you then tell the quiet one “You’re too dull for my liking”. I will consider it insulting to the maker of such person. Or why say “I don’t like you; you are such a loud person.” Excuse me, he can’t help it (ain’t saying you should be such a talkative that can’t bridle his tongue). It is as simple as beating a girl for being too short. Some people don’t fear talking publicly or to anyone, they don’t just like talking as such (the introverts).

 Just look into the natural behaviour not bad habits, and then take that person for who he is, appreciate him/her. And even if it is not natural, we all have things that really disgust us. I can’t say my not liking garden egg is natural, I could end up liking it someday.

Apart from that, we all have what we like and what we don’t. She has told you she doesn’t like noise, take her for who she is, she doesn’t like late-night travelling, accept it. Fine, we must learn to tolerate people, endure and suffer long (long suffering). It’s very important. Because not everybody knows your Dos and Don’ts. But as for you that knows it, why should you upset your friend with what you know he doesn’t like? You already know, why should you start another round of fight? We are not in the ring, we are in the universe.

We are one body, one people. A quick reminder; we all came from one man and one woman, so we are technically of the same family. These little things cause strife and affect the home, friendship, society, until it circulates to the nation at large. There is a Yoruba saying “Obe ti baale ile o ki n je, iyale ile o ki n se” meaning the soup that the husband doesn’t eat should not be cooked by the wife.

Do you always have constant fight with your friend, your spouse, your fiancé(e), your parents? Check it, most times these things happen as a result of same thing repeating itself over and over again. It could only be in different forms. Let's embrace one another and let there be serenity. 

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