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Fashion in its best sense-- an interview with Ejioye Blessing

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I bring to us this weekend a very good friend of mine, we’ve known each other  for a couple of years now. She is a fashion blogger. So we will be looking at fashion. Read and enjoy.

Precious HLG:  Can we meet you?

Blessing: I’m Ejioye Blessing Titobiloluwa. An Environmental Protectionist in the making and a fashion blogger.

Precious HLG: Thanks Blessing. Fashion/3X. The general meaning to it is about our outlook which encompasses clothes, jewelleries and hairstyles too, for both genders. What's your own definition of fashion and is everyone fashionable?

Blessing: Fashion is the latest way of wearing clothes, of combining colours, hairstyles etc. Should I say Fashion is a lifestyle now, because almost everybody either consciously or unconsciously are into fashion. Even old men you will see them when they build their houses, they combine their colours, same for women. When I say fashion is a lifestyle. Looking at the Calabars, their men tie wrapper. That’s their own fashion and Yoruba men wear agbada and sokoto. And to the other question; everyone is fashionable. I believe that putting on expensive wears doesn’t mean you’re fashionable.

Precious HLG: Thank you very much Blessing, I grabbed that. Knowing that putting on expensive wears doesn't necessarily mean you're fashionable, it's about combining your things well. Now, you mentioned something earlier, talking of different way of dressing for different cultures. Now a days, we no longer esteem our culture, apart from ceremonies like engagements, Sunday services etc. Everyone goes around in Skirts, shirts, trousers. What do you have to say about that?

Blessing: Well, to me I will say it’s becoming old-school. That’s the way we now see it, you know I said Fashion is the latest trend.

Precious HG: I agree with you, being realistic now, it will be absurd seeing someone wear agbada to work or school on a Monday morning, it’s a corporate world. And we didn’t abandon it so to say . We still wear them on occasions that suits them. Thanks Blessing. The question now is indecent dressing is rampant, is that fashion, what’s your take on that?

Blessing: Well for me, indecent dressing is not fashion and fashion is not indecent dressing. I really don’t know why people expose their body. I don’t expect people in their right senses to expose their body for no reason. Why do we wear cloth? We wear cloth to cover our nakedness, so I don’t see any reason for us to say fashion is now we exposing our body. Then why do we wear cloth? Let’s all just walk naked and know that there is no need for clothes. So, I’ll say NO. Fashion is not indecent dressing and vice versa.

Precious HLG: You as a fashion blogger, I’ve checked your blog and it’s really nice. How were you motivated into being interested in fashion? Why do you like fashion?

Blessing: It takes interest and commitment, even to become anything. What brought me into fashion blogging, well I’m into Christian fashion blogging. What brought me into it is I love fashion, but it got to a time when I see people around me that don’t care about their look, they believe when they look shabby is what makes them spiritual. So I decided to be of help to these people, making them understand that there is a way you dress and you’ll still look nice yet godly/presentable/spiritual. 

Precious HLG:  Thank you Blessing. I love that. I’ve also realised that for anything we do there should be a reason, that reason keeps us going, so I love the reason behind your interest in being a Fashionist. Alright,  let’s talk about make-up, there are times when people use light make-up and it will be befitting and nice. These days people are finding it hard to know the difference between the kind of make-up to wear on a normal day compared to a special occasion. You will see someone on a bridal make-up going to class, are there special make-up for special occasions or you can just wear anything?

Blessing: You know my type of fashion but I still have some things I can say about make-up. People are abusing make-up now, someone wearing bridal make-up going to market, class or shop just because it is trending. You can see a make-up artist to educate you. I can simply put on powder and lip gloss going out,  and style my eyebrow  with lip gloss/lipstick for a special occasion. Not me going to a wedding and I’m wearing make-up more than that of the bride. Let your make-up suit the occasion or the event you’re attending.

Precious HLG: Thanks  Blessing. You can style your eyebrow, put on powder and all, just make sure it’s light or suiting the occasion. Where do you see fashion in years to come, what’s the future of fashion? And do you have any ambition towards fashion? Like being a consultant or anything apart from blogging. Also, what advice do you have for ladies out there and everyone generally as regards Fashion?

Blessing: I see fashion getting better in years to come and becoming the way God planned and wanted it to be. Concerning my fashion interest I’ll like to be a consultant, as if you read my mind, presently I’m not into it but once I’m done with certain things, I’ll go into it fully and I’m trusting God to help me to help the world out there, and to let people know that fashion is not a crazy subject, you can look good and be godly. My advice to people out there; We should know the use of everything. When you buy clothes, know that you’re buying it to cover your nakedness. If you want to expose yourself, just leave your house with no cloth at all. Why do we make our hair? To look good, so don’t just put something on your head that doesn’t make you look good. And to make-ups, don’t abuse it, know the proper use.  And let’s have it at the back of our mind that there should be modesty in everything we do. 

Precious HLG: Thanks for your time Blessing

Blessing: You're welcome

Hey ladies and gentlemen. That was Ejioye Blessing, I hope we have been able to pick one or two things from the interview cos I did personally. Look good but be modest. See you next Saturday.

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