Sunday, 31 December 2017

You've Done Well In Planning For 2018, But Hear This. By Precious Deji-Omolere

Seconds after seconds, minutes upon minutes, until I ended up expending about thirty-one million, five hundred and thirty-six thousand seconds, oh my! is this real? If it were money, I'm as good as a  millionaire. Of a truth, time itself is money. The sensation that new year incorporate overwhelms majority, good wishes and glee flows around every corner, and every individual exult with their loved ones, since seeing a new year is far from being a joke. 

A new day is as important as a new year. We didn’t cross any bridge before entering the new year, neither did we jump above a sea with our friends and family. A new year is as normal as a new day, it is like a sequel of a novel, one after the other. Just like tomorrow is a continuation of yesterday. The same rain that fell in the previous years won’t change its course this coming year, twenty-four hours will not dwindle as the year goes by.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017



Dieu merci (thank God) for how I grew up to have a high self-esteem and such perfect beauty. Before anyone has to tell me how beautiful I am, I tell myself everyday ‘Je suis terriblement et merveilleusement fait’ (I am fearfully and wonderfully made). With my ability, I humbly say I will gain admission into the university in no time and all my desires will transpire.

I was in my room one Friday afternoon, I mulled over how I want my future to be. A bright coloured future with petals and first-rate fragrance. I saw a big living room plastered with gold, a ceiling of breath-taking designs of inventive silhouette. A curtain whose fabrics were shipped from China...this and many other thoughts clouded my mind. Ironically as the thoughts were, the single word to describe a future that I dream is ‘Parfait’ (Perfect). With my family’s wealth, I am close to achieving success soon enough if money were to stop me. Well, it can’t.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017



I am at the  shore, feeding my senses with the breeze that encapsulates a forceful weight of cold, shock, heat and inmost mayhem. I am feeling like the breeze had teleported me to the space, for I can no longer feel my legs, my hair, even my heart. But, I have never been to the space before, I just know I had lost all my sense of stimuli, the only thing I can feel is hurt. I am moving towards the sea, if only the sea can drown my tears without taking me away, or if it could wash away my hurt and I still live to breath, how glad and what fortuitousness would I record again like I’m just coming anew to the world. Just that ‘L’acte est fait’, to mean “the deed is done.”

Sunday, 3 December 2017

The Negative You (Potential/Dwarf Repeller)

  • Awkward Attitude which includes laziness, negative mindedness, frivolity, indecisive, inconsistency.
  • Laziness is not the lack of unwillingness to work, it is a negative attitude that makes you sit down, look, waste time, without doing what you have to do. It is this laziness, that if you permit, will not allow you to know how much your wings can spread. It contains your potentials in a cup, not permitting it to be poured, who knows how far it can spread if it spills. Laziness is a self-inflicted disease that should be jettisoned from your life. 

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

You're Your Worst Enemy 1

Many a times, people often complain about where they are, what they have, how they are and who they are. It is not a sin to make complaints but that is only when you understand what your complaint is. Before you make any complaint or accept fate, take a sensor of the kinds of enemy you have around you, examine their effect on you, you would realize they have no effect on you as huge as that of the greatest enemy.
This greatest enemy is you- yourself!

Monday, 20 November 2017



What I know to exhale from the mouth is air;                                                                               

But in his mouth exhaled fire, with a blare.                                                                                     

Shocked, I straightened up,                                                                                                                            

So I don’t look like a pup.                                                                                                                                    

He floated again like balloon.                                                                                                               

I saw it clearly, no cord attached, it was noon.                                                                                 

Many other wonders of magic did I see.                                                                                            

It was not a child’s play, like abc.                                                                                                          

Excitedly I told daddy;                                                                                                                                        

He laughed me to the peak and picked the caddy;                                                                                                     

You’re just a child; those were not real; it’s illusion.                                                                                                                                                                                                           

I don’t believe daddy’s words.                                                                                                                          

I know what I saw; It was real.         


Saturday, 18 November 2017

An Intreview With Akan Imoh

Precious HLG: Can we meet you?

Akan Imoh: My name is Akan Imoh. I was born on the 25th of December, 1990, which means I'll be 27years old on Christmas day. I'm a graduate of the University of Lagos, where I studied Political Science and also the Nigerian Institute of Journalism, where I studied Mass Communication.

Precious HLG: How was growing up like for you?

Akan Imoh:

Monday, 30 October 2017

Pleasing Everyone Is Downright Impossible

Kris Carr had said “You can’t please everyone. When you’re too focused on living up to other people’s standards, you aren’t spending enough time raising your own...”  Without having to bore you with quotes, let me drop this one too from Constance Wu “You’re never going to please everyone, and if you do, there is something wrong.”

Pleasing everyone is downright an impossible thing to do. You’ll be thrown in the middle of crowd, each pulling you here and there to listen to their opinion at the least. While you’re left there in the middle, you’ll soon discover they don’t really care cos they are already gone and you’re left alone to clean your own mess. 

Monday, 23 October 2017

Walking And Working Alone Can't Guarantee Eminent Success

Executing a task alone is a great idea but might not definitely be the best of ideas. We would always need people to watch our backs. There is a need for people to watch with you. You cannot always do it alone. 

People don't necessarily go far as lone rangers. It is almost impossible to fight through life when you decide you can do it all by yourself without the assistance of any. What then is needful if we must successfully watch with another and gain continuous victory? There must be a mutual understanding from the both parties which arises from their unique trainings.

Monday, 2 October 2017

The Nigeria Of My Dream

Almost everyone wants to travel out of Nigeria and set a permanent castle in the US or anything abroad. Abroad is as simple as Benin Republic, some don't mind though. Nigeria isn't in the best state, yes! Nigeria has lots of problems, yes! Nigeria is far from having an iota of a striking resemblance to the Nigeria on your head, yes! 

You could liken the now Nigeria to a man whose immune system have been attacked and prevailed against. Foreign invaders can finally have a dwelling place. You're not wrong if you say Nigeria is in soup. 

Saturday, 30 September 2017

An Interview With Don Moen

Interview by Bruce Adolph. 

Why don’t you tell us about the beginning of your involvement in worship. How did you get started in leading worship? 

Don Moen: I was actually travelling with this singing group out of Oral Roberts University called Living Sound. Larry Dalton hired me as a violinist, trombonist and guitarist. It was after my junior year in college (music education/violin major), and I remember telling my dad I was going to travel for three months with this group. Fifteen years later, I got off the road. I had lived in Africa for three years and travelled all over the world.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Ten Steps To Discovering Your Potential | Akano Daniel

I have it, you have it; everyone has it. It is called POTENTIAL. This potential is an unused ability, that is, what you can do that you did not do or what you are able to do that you would often think you can't - but really, you can. This is also called the sleeping giant,  and it must be awaken in order to better you and be where you want to be. As human being, created in the image of God and having the breathe of God, there is this trait gotten from God which is the ability to be able to do whatever we desire to do and also to become what or who we want to become.

It is time to arise and wake the Sleeping Giant in you. That sleeping giant is your POTENTIAL. 

10 Steps to Discovering Your Potential. 

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Restaurant Telemundo

I walked into a restaurant to get ice cream for my little cousin and I saw this guy, his broad chest that stood still like a besieged wall was the first thing I noticed among others as I stood in front of the counter lady to pay.

 His hair was styled in a punk form with the side of his head skin-faded. Like his chest, he had a broad forehead which left superficial holes adjacent his knitted eyebrows which concentrated on a fixed direction straight ahead, this although could be taken or mistaken for a glowering look. His nose was button shaped and more breathy above an average nose breath and I was swept off my feet. 

He had a cupid's bow lips like an exaggerated feminine-shaped lips which aligned with his growing goatee. His ears stuck out a bit like an apostrophe as his chubby cheeks obstructed the holes of his ears. His sky blue shirt whose first two button were loosed left his collar flying like a child-eagle's wings. He was tall and simply charming.

He walked with a predator's unwavering attention to the counter and I got interested to know what he was up to.

Monday, 18 September 2017

How I Missed My Favourite Meal | By Adisa Gbemisola

On a fateful evening, my mum and I were inside the kitchen trying to prepare dinner for the family. I was so happy to help in the kitchen that day because we wanted to prepare my favourite meal, pounded yam and vegetable soup and so that the meal would be done in time, my mum asked me to take care of the pounded yam and she would handle the vegetable soup. So we started cooking. 

I brought out the yam and while I was still cutting the yam, my brother brought my phone to me in the kitchen saying it was ringing and when I checked it, it was my bestie Temilola that was calling. I didn’t want to pick the call at first because I already cut like 12 slices of yam and my mum has warned me about cutting the yam without putting it inside water because it turns yellow. But I didn’t mind the thought; I just couldn’t wait to hear the gist Temilola has for me. 

Saturday, 16 September 2017

A Father To Son Tribute of Mike Bamiloye To His First Son Damilola Mike-Bamiloye Whose Birthday Is Today

MIKE BAMILOYE, a drama minister, evangelist, movie producer, director and founder of Mount Zion  Faith Ministries International said amazing words about his son whose birthday is today September 16th. Read his words below:

All of us in the family are celebrating you today, Michael Oluwadamilola IleriOluwa MikeBamiloye. 

A very dedicated and focus young man. You graduated from University and during your Youth Service had called me one evening from Imo State and had said the Lord told you that you should serve under me, your father, to be following me about as my PA. I could not know what to say. I was shocked. I was afraid to shut down the idea that came to your heart which you said the Lord spoke to you. That was in 2012.

I told you with a stammering voice that when you come back home from the Youth service, we would talk about it. But I kept praying to know of God had truly said it to you. Then, the Lord spoke to me that you had made the greatest decision.

What you must know about what you eat ¦ An interview with Elizabeth

Precious HLG : Can we meet you? 

Elizabeth : My name is Egbeniyi Elizabeth Tolulope. I'm studying Botany at the University of Ibadan. I love reading novels, cooking and making new friends.

Precious HLG : How did Botapreneur  came about? 

Elizabeth : Botapreneur came up as a result of the course I study - Botany. Initially, I didn't love Botany as a course but I began to have interest in the course when I got to know more about it's numerous benefits to human. Then, I felt I needed to share the knowledge with people, so I started writing about plants and natural things and posting on my Facebook walls. 

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Settled | Short Story

Nancy Tom closed the door of the room behind her, resting her back on the wall as she shoved her body away from the entrance. Tears trickled down her cheek like a flowing stream. She closed her eyes hard with her head bent low causing tears to drop straight down escaping the walls of her cheek. She dropped the brown envelope which revealed a white paper by the tip. Two other ladies dressed in their office outfits with heeled shoes walked pass, constantly looking back as they gossiped. Nancy Tom picked the paper, cleaned her face with her hands and left for the exit door written boldly.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Discipline | By Ogbenekevwe Daniel

There is always a constant factor that is common with those ones that has been tagged with the names; Excellent, Successful, Diligent, Purposeful. And it is one important key that a Leader must surely have, the key: Discipline.
It's a word that almost goes in line with obedience but it is much more than obedience, it takes discipline to obey even if everything seems to be against that which you want to obey, it works out a sort of willingness in you to obey. It is what brings one out of his/her comfort zone, 'cos a man who always wants to be comfortable can never be disciplined.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

What will you do if your little cousin or son accidentally pour the pot of soup you just cooked with your last card?

What will you do if your little cousin or son accidentally pour the pot of soup you just cooked with your last card? 

This is a question that could be funny yet if you and I experience it, it will probably not be funny. Before dropping my opinion as well as what to learn from this, see what others are saying. Do join the conversation via the comment box or send through the form to your right with your name. 

 First thing first, make the child no dey my reach cos if so, i'll beat him ehn. 
Even though there's is no need crying over a spilled milk, I'll still cry. I mean serious crying.  Then after that, make both of us sit down dey pick the animal (meat or fish) inside and eat. 

And tomorrow will take care of itself. Am sure like 20minutes later I go don calm down. 

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

My Bad | Short Story

I visited my fianc√© one Saturday morning to do some catching up. I’d been as busy as a beaver, that life almost went out of me. Work could be like that some times. I left in the evening after we had a whale of a time. 

 I got home and washed the clothes I’d piled up for a week. Washed the toilet and did some other hygienic housekeeping. My mind suddenly went off to withdrawing some cash that evening and merge my rest for the night. Just for me to learn that I had left my ATM card at his place. I knew it must be on his table while I was ruffling through my bag to show him my new ID card as I was promoted. It was turning out to be real that my ID card was missing in my bag. So I emptied the bag, then I found out that it managed to hide itself beneath the torn lining of the bag.

Monday, 4 September 2017

The Humble Beginnings Of 7 Successful Men And Women That Will Inspire You.

Your background has nothing to do with your success in life. Your status today is a stepping stone to a greater height. Here are a few people that didn't have all they needed from the beginning but are now fulfilling their dreams.

She was born into a poor family in Mississippi, even at this, she won a scholarship to Tennessee State University and became the first African American TV correspondent in the state at the age of 19. Today, Winfrey is celebrated and outstanding in her world.

When he was a child, he lived in a  tight financial situation. He

Saturday, 2 September 2017

An interview with the CEO of AFOBS

Precious HLG : Can we meet you? 

Bishopton : My name is Afolabi Tunde Bishopton, I am an undergraduate of Lautech, studying Agricultural Economics. I love drumming, driving and marketing.

Precious HLG : What is Afobs about? 

Bishopton : Afobs is a brand which spreads the power of Optimism; to offer unique and quality custom tees at a revolutionary price with honesty and integrity to customers. It's a clothing line, involved in making customized wears or tees; t-shirts, baseball jackets, hoodies, varsity jackets, gowns, joggers, crop tops, cooperate shirts caps and so on, for  schools, companies, events, churches, and any other branding. We offer our clients quality and unique designs at affordable prices.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Thanks to the mirror for revealing to us our physical appearance only | By Precious Deji-Omolere

This is no fiction. 
"interpret in English",  my pastor said to me , "What?", I retorted within myself. I sat beside him and silently interpreted the prayers to him, interpreting is not that easy, kudos to interpreters! After the meeting, this guy in suit with a fair skin colour and  a countenance of that of an Igbo guy finally said to my pastor "ese ma" meaning thank you ma. Oh my! Did he just... ? Everyone was surprised that this guy doesn't only understand Yoruba language but could even speak fluently, and in fact he was a Yoruba guy. "OMG, with all the grammar I blew, why didn't he say anything that he actually understood us and stop the drama?" I thought within me again. 

Well, he actually closed his eyes throughout, probably he didn't know about what was happening, but he sure must have heard all that I said. All because he dressed differently, no one bothered to ask whether he understood us or not, he was obviously looking different from everyone else. The environment we were was actually of a mixed language, that prompted the pseudo judgement. 

Samuel Butler in his word said "Let us be grateful to the mirror

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Virtuous Ladies, Virtuous Leaders. An interview with Oluwuyi Opeyemi

It's so great and exciting weekend to talk about Ladies, yeah! This is a virtuous lady herself. Read through the interview and be blessed, motivated and inspired. 

Precious HLG : Can we meet you? 

Oluwuyi Opeyemi : My name is Oluwuyi Opeyemi. I am a final year student at Osun state university, studying Biochemistry, I make hair, though not full time and am also a gospel music minister.

Precious HLG : Talking of the virtuous lady and things generally surrounding the girl child or the female world. In times past, the girl child or female child was denied education, it happens in some part of the world still. What do we call that?

Oluwuyi Opeyemi : Well, I will call it ignorance. An English

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Golden Residue | Short Story by Precious Deji-Omolere

California, being the most populous state in the US turned to be an irony for my own family. When my dad told me we were relocating to California, my mind went down to Los Angeles like a straight bullet. My heart jumped out of my mouth when dad finally released the missile, we were to relocate to Coultervillle. It was not such a highly populated town and I hoped it was not going to be shoddily boring.

It turned out to be a backbreaking work moving our chattels down to our new residence. We did it all the same. I realized it was cool after all. I then consigned to grave my unending pique, I had made up my mind to remain dead to everyone in the house until dad was forced to get our ass off this old-called-new residence. I promised my late mum not to leave the house until I was married, being the only child. If not, I could decide to leave the house myself.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Teaching and the Student's life. An interview with Lawal Ayodeji

Good day everyone, it's another interview with someone passionate about academics and the success of students academically, read through, it's worth giving your time to. Click this button if you missed the last interview.

Precious HLG : Can we meet you? 

Lawal Ayodeji: My name is Lawal Ayodeji Adewunmi a.k.a comrade spirit. By profession, I am a food engineer but my passion is teaching and I have decided to channel all my energy into it.

Precious HLG: Why do you love teaching, what's your inspiration?

Monday, 14 August 2017

What Can I do? | Set your passion into motion. By Adisa Gbemisola

image source

The question in the heart of anyone who wants to be independent and does not like office jobs or want side jobs that can fetch money is; "Which skill can I learn or what business can I venture into?" My cousin asked me some days back about what I felt he could do and I was unable to provide the answer he needed. I felt someone else might be facing the same challenge so I worked on it, here are some skills suitable for ladies and gentlemen. 

 1. Bead making/ knitting
 2. Sport viewing centre
 3. Petty trading: it might seem like so many people are into it, but look around and see if there is something they are not selling or you think they sell but you can improve the packaging? Go for it! 

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Drumming. An interview with Fafioye Emmanuel on HLG iWEEKEND

Good morning famz. It's another weekend, thanks for your feedbacks last week. I hope you're enjoying your weekend? This day on HLG iWeekend, I bring a friend, older brother too. He's a wonderful person. And most importantly, he's a drummer. So we are talking about drumming, let's roll it. 3, 2, 1, 0...ACTION!

Precious HLG: Can we meet you?

Emmanuel: My name is Emmanuel Fafioye, a graduate of Earth Sciences (Geophysics). I do music and lots more.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

On The Verge Of Bonding | By Precious Deji-Omolere

An atmosphere of love mixed with the chilly December Saturday morning breeze and smell of fried meat which took over the ever fresh fragrance in the mansion of Mr. and Mrs. Dozie. It was a weekend they all have been waiting for as their daughter Angela would be getting married.

The previous day. Chukwuemeka, the groom-to-be who was also from the same town as Angela had been up and doing to ensure that his wedding leaves a trail and traces of perfection and one of those highly praised wedding.

His uncle, Solomon, who was the closest relative to him had also took part in the task effortlessly and nothing less than perfection won't be taken.

Monday, 7 August 2017

4 Reasons Why You Should Not Rush Into Anything.

Rush, according to Merriam-Webster means 'to move forward, progress, or act with haste or eagerness or without preparation'

Has it ever happened to you before that you were already late for work, school or any appointment and really needed to eat your breakfast. As the clock kept ticking,  you wolfed down your breakfast which was of course very hot. So you drank a cup of water and set out. Only for you to later discovered that you had burned your tongue, you would  most probably notice this after some minutes or an hour. 

Saturday, 5 August 2017

"Writers are born and made...Writing is a job..." with okhuoya Godwin Temitope

Good morning friends. I'm so excited this weekend to bring a friend on this platform who is a writer and whose writing is a motivation to me personally. He is such a hardworking and passionate writer and I truly love his work. You'd enjoy this interview. Remember there are principles that works for every field and career, so read through, you'd surely see something to hold unto.

Precious HLG: Can we meet you?

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Disguised Headhunt, Short story by Precious Deji-Omolere

“I hate Mondays.” Isioma would always blot out her sour resentment towards weekdays, pointing fingers to poor Mondays as the beginning of another ‘work, work, work’ as she would habitually say. Isioma works in a medicine store as the payee. She was always as busy as a one-armed paperhanger, glued to her desk from 08:00am to 06:00pm. She sometimes sneaked out  to have lunch or go gossip with her room mate who also worked in a fashion designing shop close by . 

She stopped this sneaking around attitude of hers one mild Wednesday when she assigned one of the sales girls, Adora who was one sandwich short of a picnic when it comes to money matters. By the time Isioma was back from the what turned to an unfortunate trip, the Christmas chicken had burned from down to up.

Monday, 31 July 2017

What you should know about Fashion By Adisa Gbemisola

          This word has been defined differently in time past, from centuries past and the present age. It is so glaring that it changes with time in the sense that what was used in centuries past are just so outdated now.

 If you decided to be so old fashioned that you dress the way they dressed then or you decide to wear the look of centuries past, there is no doubt that you will be a laughing stock outside.

 At the same time some of the dressing then and what was trending centuries past has also been brought back to this age but in another way, I mean in a charming way. 

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Fashion in its best sense-- an interview with Ejioye Blessing

Happy weekend guys. Welcome to the second edition of HLG iWeekend. I hope we enjoyed last week edition with the photographer. Click this button to read if you missed it. Thanks for the comments and cheers, don’t forget to leave your comment after reading through the interview.

I bring to us this weekend a very good friend of mine, we’ve known each other  for a couple of years now. She is a fashion blogger. So we will be looking at fashion. Read and enjoy.

Precious HLG:  Can we meet you?

Blessing: I’m Ejioye Blessing Titobiloluwa. An Environmental Protectionist in the making and a fashion blogger.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Rosemary The Accountant 2

Remember Rosemary, David, Mr. Augustine, the suspension? 
'I beg your pardon? Are you out of your mind, Do - do- do you know the implication of what you're saying' Mr. Augustine drenched Rose with chains of questions and stammered asking the last one like the man whose hand was caught in the pot of soup saying -I was, I was, I was-

Rosemary drew one of the two chairs fitly arranged side by side to face Mr. Augustine directly or whoever was sitting on his chair, the chair being dragged gave a hissing sound and Rose sat, heaved a sigh and started speaking.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Let's Embrace Our Differences

We are all totally different people, yes. My family loves garden egg and  I happened to be  the only one that doesn’t like it, I just don’t like it. I was in the kitchen one day and mum came with a garden egg which she had eaten two-third of and told me to take a bite, I did may be I would like it finally as I’ve always tried, I squeezed my face eating it, she did the same again until I gave it all up, she thought I might like it after taking several bites. I hope to like it though ‘cos  I’m already feeling intimidated.

Just like the different animals I’ve seen, heard of, read about, perhaps some I’ve even heard their voices without having to see them, they are all different animals but still animals, they are called animals. You will even hear stuffs like “this one you’re seeing isn’t of the same specie with that one over there, but they are of the same family.”

Saturday, 22 July 2017


Hey guys, from the table of HLG I bring a Photographer, whose work is popularly known as MAXIMIZE EXPRESSIONS. Having this interview with him was an amazing thing and I enjoyed every bit of it, though I’m not a photographer but I learnt some things that are applicable to every other field too and I believe you'd learn one or two things too. Read through and enjoy! 

Precious HLG: Good evening, can we meet you?

Matthew: My name is Babatunde Matthew. A graduate of computer Engineering (B.Tech). Aside few skills, I guess I got this interview because of one, which is photography!

Precious HLG: Nice meeting you. You're into photography, and I've seen a couple of your works, they are very nice and shows expertise, how did you start as a photographer?

Matthew: uhmmmmn! I started making photographs 2012/2013. It all began with graphics designing and I dragged photography into it that year, I was in school (University), part 2.

Precious HLG: OK, Thanks. Did you have other photographers close to you or it was a decision you made of yourself?

Matthew: There was none, however, there was someone I was looking up to.

Precious HLG: Alright, You mentioned graphics designing earlier, I still want to ask perhaps it's not so, so the question is 'Is photography all about having a good camera? What other things or skill should one have with it?' That's two questions.

Matthew: ahhhh!  After five years in this profession, it was not too long ago I realized that, 'even making good photographs is different from photography business. Photography is about much more, and its not first of all about having a good gear(camera). Having the good car does not make you a good driver, so having a good gear does not make you a good photographer. A photographer’s work is first of all

Wednesday, 19 July 2017


'I quit.' Rosemary walked in quietly and politely set down the green file on the table her boss was standing close to. There were about five tables and chairs in the general office. Mr. Augustine had stopped by to check the work his employees were doing, he had always monitored his employees, ensuring  all hands were on deck.

Rosemary after her two weeks suspension was declared, she had only used three days in her suspension term, saving less than two weeks for it to be annulled. The other four employees with Mr. Augustine stared at her bewildered and expecting to hear more from her rather than the two words she just spitted out like a man who just realised he was chewing his forbidden fruit. Her words could only mean two things; either she quit work or quit suspension,  and if the latter were to be so, the green file must be the evidence that proves her innocence and quitting work was the last thing anyone could expect of her.

The whole office turned dead silent like a cemetery, even the high-pitched grating sound of the generator seemed to be in support of the one minute silence of the deceased. It was certain Rosemary was not ready to say anything after all, so someone needed to break the silence, but who?

Monday, 17 July 2017

Why Blogging?

I’m Deji-Omolere Precious with the alias ‘da’prenita’. Yippee! I’m a lover of writing, reading and listening. I’m an undergraduate in the University, precisely in my third year, studying Science Laboratory Technology. A female entrepreneur making bow-ties. I love music and singing, movies and eating rice.

 Yeah! My blog title is HOST OF LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. As the name implies, it’s all about people, I’ve always loved to see human living well and loving one another to the best of their capacity, which will in turn make the world a better place. So when you visit my blog, be sure to see different interviews(in a written form) by me (majorly) with different people of different skills, how they made it in their field, talent or career, the various obstacles and their success stories.

You will also see articles and stories pertaining to humanity (gender or age is no barrier), understanding their place and living a flawless life in a complicated world thus living beyond unpleasant human attitude and emotion. I will as well permit post from outsiders be it articles or stories we can all learn from.

As I’ve always loved to celebrate people of peculiar nature, skills, talents and so on, I’d therefore be showcasing some works too, be it one skill or the other. In a nutshell, this blog will encourage you, motivate you and inspire you, anytime you need any of these don’t hesitate to come around, and don’t wait until you need them as we all need constant inspiration and motivation to keep moving.

 Come around on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, to see articles, short stories and interview posts respectively. You can follow on instagram @thehostlg and facebook at or search for The Host Of Ladies and Gentlemen. Let's roll it together as one great host.

 Much love.